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Las Vegas Red and Yellow Light Accidents Lawyers 

Red and yellow light accidents in Las Vegas, NV, often lead to serious injuries because drivers are trying to beat the light, so they speed. Speeding is associated with more severe injuries because the force of impact is greater. When you are already dealing with serious injuries, it can seem overwhelming to take on an insurance company that is only interested in protecting its bottom line.

Fortunately, you do not have to go through this process alone if you were injured in a car accident in Las Vegas, Nevada. An experienced Las Vegas red and yellow light accident lawyer from De Castroverde Accident & Injury Lawyers can help. Our team will investigate your case, determine who is at fault, and seek compensation for the harm you’ve suffered. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for our deserving clients and are prepared to fight just as hard for you. 

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How Our Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You With a Red or Yellow Light Crash

How Our Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You With a Red or Yellow Light Crash

To have a chance at recovering fair compensation, it is necessary to build a solid claim. De Castroverde Accident & Injury Lawyers is an award-winning law firm.  We have been recognized by the Chambers and Partners Band 1, Las Vegas Review Journal’s Best of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Review Journal’s Top Workplaces, and Las Vegas Latino Bar Association’s Inspira Award. We know what it takes to recover maximum compensation for our clients, which is evident in the over $100 million we have recovered to date. 

When you hire our award-winning law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can trust that a Las Vegas car accident lawyer will:

  • Develop a tailored legal strategy for your case
  • Conduct an in-depth investigation to determine fault in your case
  • Gather evidence to establish the full extent of your damages
  • Provide support and guidance through all phases of your case
  • Stand up to insurance companies that try to blame you for the accident 
  • Manage claim paperwork and case deadlines
  • File all applicable insurance claims
  • Negotiate aggressively for maximum compensation in or out of the courtroom

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Nevada Red and Yellow Light Rules 

Nevada has a number of laws pertaining to red and yellow lights that must be observed, including: 

  • Right-on-red turns are permitted as long as they are not prohibited by a sign, the driver is in the rightmost lane, comes to a complete stop, and signals right. It must also be safe to turn right. 
  • Drivers must not enter the intersection when the light turns red.
  • Yellow lights indicate that drivers should prepare to stop. Drivers should not speed up to try to get through it. Drivers should maintain their current speed if they are too close to stop safely or come to a complete stop before reaching the red light.
  • Drivers can only turn left at a red light if they are on a one-way road and they are turning onto a one-way road. They must yield the right-of-way for pedestrians or other traffic.
  • Flashing yellow lights indicate drivers should stay alert to the presence of other vehicles. 
  • Drivers must come to a complete stop before proceeding through a flashing red light. They must yield the right-of-way to other drivers.
  • Motorcyclists may proceed through a red light if stopping would put themselves or others in danger if they have come to a complete stop, waited at the light for two cycles, and are stopped at a light malfunction. 

These rules can sometimes be confusing, but an experienced car accident lawyer can review your case to determine if another driver was at fault for your accident. 

How Common Are Red Light Accidents?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 127,000 people were injured in red-light running accidents in 2021. 

In 2021, 1,109 people were killed in crashes that involved red light running. Half of those killed were pedestrians, bicyclists, and people in other vehicles whom the red light runners hit.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Red And Yellow Light Accidents In Las Vegas, Nevada?

Red or yellow light accidents are often caused by the following: 

  • Trying to beat the light
  • Turning left into oncoming traffic 
  • Impaired driving
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving
  • Road rage 
  • Drowsy driving
  • Distractions
  • Defective traffic lights

Determining who had the right-of-way at the time of the collision is imperative to recover the compensation you deserve for your accident.  

How to Prove Liability In a Red or Yellow Light Accident Claim

Red or yellow light accident claims often come down to showing which driver had the right-of-way. 

It may be possible to show this with evidence such as:

  • Red light camera footage
  • Dashcam footage
  • Surveillance footage
  • Witness statements
  • Accident reports
  • Damage to each vehicle 
  • Accident scene photos and videos
  • Electronic data recorder information 

If you can prove the other driver was at fault for the accident, you can seek compensation for the damages you sustained. 

What Damages Can I Recover In a Red or Yellow Light Accident Case?

If you were injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you can recover compensation for the following:

  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost income and wages
  • Lost future earnings
  • Car repairs
  • Out-of-pocket costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental distress
  • Emotional anguish 
  • Disabilities, disfigurement, and scarring 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

An experienced accident lawyer can determine all the damages you may be entitled to. 

What Is the Time Limit To File an Accident Claim In Nevada?

Nevada’s statute of limitations gives you two years to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver. If this deadline passes and you have not filed your case, you can lose your right to recover compensation through the courts. 

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