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    What is the statute of limitations on personal injury?

    If you’ve suffered severe injuries in an accident or other type of incident, you have many important issues on your agenda. The first and most important thing is to recover from your injuries quickly. You may worry about your ability to continue working to support your family and repair any damage to your car, property, or reputation. You may also […]

    Find the Perfect Sweet Treat at These 5 Reno Bakeries

    Reno, Nevada, is a town graced by bakeries of all types and concepts. Do you like European-style bakeries? Or do you prefer reliable classics and gourmet? Are your tastes simple yet healthy? No matter your preference, you’ll find bakeries of every type in Reno. At De Castroverde Law, we want to share our list of the best bakeries. Our recommendations […]

    The Best Way to Spend Easter in Las Vegas, NV

    The Easter season is a time of the year that people worldwide have celebrated for many generations, with its unique springtime events and traditions. This year, Easter lands on April 9, the second weekend in April. Here are some great ways to make the Easter season special in the Las Vegas area in 2023. Enjoy an Easter Brunch Traditions that […]

    Most common personal injury cases

    If you’ve suffered an accident or injury, you may wonder if you have a legal case. In many incidents, an individual or corporation is to blame for your accident or injury. This means you have a right to bring a lawsuit against them. In such cases, you deserve fair compensation covering all your expenses. These include your medical expenses, economic […]

    Why do you need a truck accident lawyer?

    No matter how careful you are, you can still be in an automobile accident because of another driver. When that vehicle is a truck, it can spell big trouble. The damages to your vehicle in a truck accident are typically more severe than in one with a regular car, and your injuries are also likely to be more serious. You […]

    What are my rights in a construction site injury?

    If injured on a construction site, it’s imperative that you know your rights and how to handle your injury claims. You need to know who will cover your medical costs and if you’ll have paid time off during any absence necessary for your recovery. You’ll be eligible for worker’s compensation, but your employer or an equipment manufacturer may also bear […]

    Enjoy Seeing Live Music at These 5 Reno Venues

    Reno residents know this diverse and buoyant city is home to a host of exciting places to enjoy the arts. From intimate venues showcasing the best local musicians to storied theaters where you can enjoy touring acts, a live concert in Reno can make for an exhilarating and enriching night out. Here are our suggestions for great places to enjoy […]

    How much does a personal injury lawyer make?

    Most personal injury lawyers in Nevada work on a contingency basis, which means they take a percentage of the plaintiff’s winnings plus any court fees that need covering. As a result, personal injury attorneys gain experience and build a reputation by only taking on cases they believe can be won. You may be asking yourself how much a personal injury […]

    How can a serious injury lawyer help me?

    Accidents can range from a minor slip or fall that results in a bruised elbow to a tragic accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury or loss of a limb. Suppose you or someone you love has experienced a severe injury due to negligence. In that case, you should consult a serious injury lawyer to determine whether you have a […]

    Enjoy Upscale Food at These Romantic Restaurants in Henderson, NV

    When you’re in Henderson, Nevada, you have a variety of fine-dining options for your next date night. Whether you’re looking for a traditional steak dinner or unique upscale cuisine, you’ll be able to find a restaurant that offers the ambiance you’re looking for and satisfies your cravings. Here’s a look at romantic restaurants in Henderson where you and your loved […]