What to Do if Your Uber is Involved in an Accident in Las Vegas

When we use a taxi service such as Uber, we assume the driver is fully qualified and will drive with the utmost care to protect our personal safety. Unfortunately, Uber drivers are susceptible to the same mistakes and distractions as other drivers, and can put your life at risk due to human error and negligence and  you can be at risk of a Las Vegas uber accident .

Causes of Uber Accidents in Las Vegas

Taxi drivers work under tremendous pressure to please their bosses, acquire a large number of customers, and get to destinations on time. Between job expectations and customer service demands, an Uber driver can easily become distracted or otherwise fail to provide safe transportation.

Uber services take place largely through mobile devices, leading to the drivers focusing on their phones instead of the road. Drivers only have a few seconds to press “Accept” when a new customer pops up. If they miss the window, they miss the money from the customer. This system provides a serious distraction on the roadway, leading to collisions and other accidents.

Driving for more than eight hours a day is not healthy for distraction levels. Drowsy driving is extremely dangerous and can result in a car swerving off the road, striking pedestrians, or causing other serious accidents. Uber does not limit its drivers’ hours of work per day, leaving it up to the driver to build his or her own schedule and number of hours worked.

With the drive to make as much money as possible or to work as few days of the week as possible, Uber drivers often work overtime even when they reasonably shouldn’t. Drowsy driving is a leading cause of accidents in Las Vegas, where late-night Uber pickups from casinos and bars are frequent.

Who is at Fault?

If you’re riding in an Uber that crashes, the legal ramifications can be stressful and complicated. If you’re injured, seek medical attention immediately. Have a doctor document the details of your injury and then hire a personal injury attorney. Peer-to-peer taxi services such as Uber abide by different laws than regulated taxis. You’ll need expert help to achieve the best outcome in a personal injury case.

In peer-to-peer taxi services, the victim has a right to file a claim against the driver and potentially the company. However, a victim can’t successfully sue Uber unless the company was negligent in its hiring of the at-fault driver or a similar negligence caused the accident.

For example, if a drunken Uber driver with a history of DUIs injures a passenger, the courts may hold Uber responsible for damages. Uber conducts background checks only of the last seven years prior to the driver’s application. Therefore, if a driver has an older history of drunk driving, Uber won’t know about it.

In situations such as this, Uber’s hiring practices come into question. The victim potentially has the right to sue Uber for failing to hire drivers with safe driving records – eventually leading to the crash. The particulars of your specific Uber accident will vary from other cases, and you need to consult a local personal injury attorney for your best chance at winning compensation.

Your Las Vegas Uber Injury Attorneys

At De Castroverde Law Group, we have experience fighting for the rights of victims in both regulated and peer-to-peer taxi services. If you’ve been injured in a taxi accident, don’t hesitate to speak with our personal injury attorneys in Clark County for a free case evaluation.

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