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    Guide to Common Nevada Casino Injuries 

    Casinos have become ubiquitous in Nevada. Although casinos can provide hours of entertainment in slot machines, table games, entertainment venues, and buffet tables, hidden dangers may lurk beneath the flashing lights inviting you to come and play. Unfortunately, casino accidents and injuries occur often and may do more than ruin your day. Casino accidents can cause significant injuries leading to […]

    What to Expect After a Bad Car Accident

    In a fender-bender, you might expect to file an insurance claim and get a check to repair your car’s damage. However, you might not know what to expect after a bad car accident that causes severe vehicle damage and leaves you with catastrophic, life-altering injuries. After a severe car crash, you may expect to undergo medical treatment and rehabilitation while […]

    Is Emotional Abuse Considered Domestic Violence?

    Unfortunately, some intimate and personal relationships may turn abusive. While physical abuse in relationships receives much attention, emotional abuse occurs just as frequently. However, many victims of emotional abuse and their family and friends may not realize when it happens.  When victims and their loved ones realize that emotional abuse has occurred, they may wonder whether emotional abuse falls under […]

    What to Do If You’ve Been in a Bus Accident

    When you’ve gotten hurt in a Las Vegas bus accident that wasn’t your fault, you may wonder what steps you need to take to ensure you can pursue compensation for your injuries and losses. After a bus accident, you deserve to focus on treating your injuries to get back to work and everyday life. However, some steps will put you […]

    Oakland Concerts To Attend

    Summer is usually the time of year when people take a step back from their usual routines and look for ways to recharge their batteries. Also, having the kids home for their summer vacation makes it the ideal time for family fun. That’s certainly the case if you live in and around Oakland, California, as summer provides many opportunities to […]

    Las Vegas Residencies By Resort

    Known as the world’s entertainment capital, Las Vegas offers an unparalleled lineup of diverse and captivating shows throughout the year, and fall is no exception. Prepare to be dazzled by world-class performers and mesmerizing choreography at one of several cutting-edge productions this fall season. There’s something for everyone, from residencies and Cirque du Soleil shows to magic shows and musicals. […]

    What is Blind Spot Driving?

    The roads and highways in Nevada and around the nation are crowded and dangerous. Safe driving demands that people pay attention to many variables, including their speed and their position on the road compared to other cars and potential hazards. Either by circumstance or inattention, sometimes drivers end up positioned in the worst possible place: another driver’s blind spot. The […]

    Does the Pedestrian Have the Right of Way?

    The United States is awash in vehicles. As hard as it is to fathom, there’s nearly one registered vehicle for every man, woman, and child in our country. One consequence of that staggering number is its risk to other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Injured pedestrians and surviving families have legal recourse in the aftermath of these accidents. Personal injury and wrongful […]

    What Is Jaywalking?

    Jaywalking is, along with speeding, one of those violations that many of us have probably committed at least a few times in our lifetimes. The excuses range from being in a hurry to not having a crosswalk nearby, and the consequences can be severe. Although we never recommend jaywalking under any circumstances, it’s also important to know that you may […]

    What To Do If You Get Steven-Johnson syndrome?

    Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a severe condition that affects the skin and usually requires immediate hospitalization. Although it’s relatively rare and difficult to predict, learning about its potential causes, symptoms, and treatment options can help you understand it better. Also, since an allergic reaction to a prescribed medication typically causes this syndrome, it may help to learn what your legal options […]