Waldo De Castroverde Immigration Essay Scholarship Winner Announced

This year, we are pleased to announce that the Waldo De Castroverde Immigration Essay Scholarship has been awarded to Katlyn Brady, a law student at the University of Nevada Law Vegas’ William S. Boyd School of Law.

The $1,000 annual scholarship is given to first year or second year student at Boyd based on their response to an essay assignment. The scholarship is sponsored and furnished by Dr. Neel Khurana, a former friend of Waldo De Castroverde.

This year, the essay contest was based on the subject of President Obama’s new Cuban policy and its possible impacts on immigration law and policy. Brady, who took an immigration clinic and an immigration law course last semester, used her newfound knowledge to craft her response and secure her scholarship.

“This semester I was exposed to how convoluted and unfair immigration laws are, and how important immigration reform is,” she said. “I’m very excited that immigration reform has become a national discussion and I hope it results in comprehensive immigration reform.”

Brady also said that she is grateful for the opportunities that winning the scholarship will provide her as she finishes law school and that she looks forward to learning more about immigration law as she continues her studies.

Winning Essay Excerpt

Brady titled her winning essay, “Implications of Presidential Reform on the Cuban Adjustment Act.”

It reads in part:

“Currently the [Cuban Adjustment Act’s] future is secure. Given the political atmosphere in Washington D.C. there will not be Congressional action on immigration or specifically Cuba. … However following the presidential elections it is entirely possible that the CAA will be included in immigration reforms because it has been abused by criminals. Additionally given the desire to deport over 30,000 convicted criminals, Congress of the next President may see altering or eliminating the CAA as a fair trade. Eliminating the CAA will not make it impossible for Cubans to enter and remain in the United States. Instead they will be required to apply for asylum like immigrants from other nations. … The main justifications for the CAA, hatred of communism, encouraging democratic reform, and humanitarian aid are no longer as compelling. … Ultimately there will be no dramatic change or even subtle change in Cuban immigration policy until the election cycle has ended and Congress finally tackles immigration reform.”

The Legacy of Waldo De Castroverde

Waldo De Castroverde, a former immigration and criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, had a full and storied life. Born in Cuba in 1941, De Castroverde immigrated to the United States in 1960 before being captured as a paratrooper by the Cubans during the Bay of Pigs invasion. Finally rescued and returned to the U.S. in 1962, De Castroverde graduated from college, started a family, and later earned a law degree after years of taking night classes at Nevada School of Law, Old College, in Reno.

As an attorney, he served as deputy attorney general in Carson City, Nevada, until opening his own firm in 1991. His two sons, Alex and Orlando, followed in his footsteps and founded De Castroverde Law Group in 2005, where Waldo worked in the “of counsel” capacity. He passed away in 2014.

Upcoming Scholarships

De Castroverde Law Group is currently sponsoring another scholarship, this one open to veterans seeking funds for higher education. To learn more about this $1,500 essay scholarship, including how to apply, please visit our scholarship page.  The deadline for entry is August 24, 2015.