Is It Worth It To File a Personal Injury Claim?

Accidents are an unfortunate part of everyday life. Even more unfortunate is when the accident causes injuries requiring expensive medical care to resolve. If you’ve ever been in this position, you know that one option is to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for your injuries.

Personal injury claims apply when someone causes injuries through reckless or negligent behavior. In addition to medical care and costs, personal injury claims can also involve compensation for lost wages or emotional distress.

This may sound intimidating to some, and you may wonder whether it’s worth filing a personal injury claim. Only you can decide that for yourself, but the De Castroverde Law Group in Las Vegas team has put together this overview to help you understand the issues.

What Is Personal Injury?

You can file personal injury claims for bodily and non-bodily or emotional injuries. These cases are most commonly associated with auto accidents. But they can also involve lawsuits claiming defamation, malicious prosecution, invasion of privacy, or unlawful detention.

Bodily injury cases can also occur in the workplace via product defects, medical malpractice or nursing home abuse, environmental pollution, or physical assault. Regardless of the originating incident, making and resolving a personal injury claim without filing a lawsuit is possible.

Differences Between Personal Injury Claims and Personal Injury Lawsuits

One of the issues that may make you hesitate is the prospect of spending extended periods of time in court, especially in a case that requires a trial. But it’s important to distinguish between a personal injury claim and a personal injury lawsuit.

The terms claim and lawsuit are often used interchangeably, but depending on the context, they are not always the same. You can obtain compensation through a personal injury claim without filing a lawsuit. You can do this mainly by submitting a claim for damages to the insurance company for the other party, for instance, the driver of a vehicle that hit you.

Remember that insurance companies are businesses. They aim to resolve a claim quickly and for the lowest amount possible. They are motivated to avoid having to advance to litigation if they can possibly avoid it.

It is still possible that you may have to file a lawsuit, even with a claim. But with the right representation, you may be able to obtain the damages you seek quickly via the personal injury claim. The personal injury attorneys at De Castroverde Law can help review your situation and recommend the best ways to proceed.

How Can an Attorney Help?

You do not need a lawyer to help you file a personal injury claim. Still, you can dramatically increase your chances of getting the compensation you feel you deserve for your injuries.

Personal injury attorneys such as those at De Castroverde Law will thoroughly review your case to gain a comprehensive understanding of the details. This includes a review of the facts and appropriate law. Your attorney can also help guide you regarding the type of evidence you need to collect. For instance, you will need to substantiate your damage claim, and an attorney can help you understand what documentation you should provide. Damages can be awarded for both out-of-pocket losses and emotional distress.

Based on our experience in personal injury law, our team can help you make a realistic request for damages. If you make a too-high claim, you may force the insurance company to say no, and then you face the arduous litigation process.

Attorneys can also help by serving as your voice during the process. Insurance companies often try to persuade personal injury claimants to agree to a settlement quickly. If you’ve been seriously injured, that puts you under much pressure. De Castroverde attorneys have extensive experience negotiating proper outcomes for personal injury claims.

Can I Weigh My Options With a Lawyer?

Part of the role of any personal injury attorney is to help evaluate a client’s case and offer options for resolving it in the most favorable terms possible, as quickly as possible. The De Castroverde Law Group attorneys recognize that many factors are involved in deciding what to do and are here to help you weigh all the options.

Based on our experience, our team can help determine how much a case may be worth. We can also help you understand what can go wrong and what may happen when you take a case to trial, including the question you and your family may be asked. If the case does involve a lawsuit, it doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a trial. Cases can, and often do, settle at any time during litigation, especially when the prospect of a trial becomes real.

We will be by your side throughout the process, helping you weigh your options.

Does My Case Qualify?

The number of variables involved in evaluating the proper strategy and the right value for a personal injury claim is numerous and too extensive to provide a single answer. Each case presents its own set of facts and circumstances. The best way to determine a way forward is to come in for a no-obligation consultation. After reviewing your case, we’ll give you an opinion about whether your case qualifies.

The team at De Castroverde, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers, understands that a personal injury is confusing, painful, and worrisome. We have extensive experience handling all types of personal injury cases, from severe injuries to excessive force and police misconduct.

With over 15 years of legal experience, our team has helped personal injury victims in Las Vegas, Reno, and other parts of Nevada get the compensation they deserve. Most importantly, we will communicate honestly and openly about your case and present you with options serving your best interest. If you are injured in an auto, workplace, or another accident, call us or contact us online today for an initial consultation.

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