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    How to Make a Claim if I am Injured in a Public Place?

    When we’re enjoying public spaces, like parks and shopping centers, we trust that the people who maintain these areas do their best to keep the spaces safe and free of hazards. And in many cases, property managers, business owners, and government agencies do. But an accident in a public place can still happen. If you or a loved one have […]

    If I Slip and Fall in a Hotel, Can I Sue?

    Las Vegas hotels can pose several risks for slipping—for example, slick floors, spilled drinks, freshly mopped areas, and uneven tiles can cause slip and fall accidents. Sometimes the injuries sustained during these accidents are severe, leading to high medical bills and other damages.  If you slip and fall in a hotel, you can sue the company in many cases. The […]

    If I Slip and Fall in a Casino, Can I Sue?

    Casinos are like oversized playgrounds for adults. The atmosphere is exciting and the entire purpose of a casino is to let go of responsibility and have as much fun as possible. While you are allowed to forgo your responsibilities, the casino owners and managers are not. If you suffer from a slip and fall injury in Las Vegas, you may […]

    Is a Property Owner Responsible for Accidents?

    From your neighbor’s home to nightclubs and casinos on the Las Vegas strip, accidents can happen almost anywhere. Injuries from these accidents – such as broken bones, neck and back injuries, and head injuries – can force victims to miss time from work and leave them with stacks of medical bills and other expenses. As a result, many individuals who […]