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    What Is Jaywalking?

    Jaywalking is, along with speeding, one of those violations that many of us have probably committed at least a few times in our lifetimes. The excuses range from being in a hurry to not having a crosswalk nearby, and the consequences can be severe. Although we never recommend jaywalking under any circumstances, it’s also important to know that you may […]

    What are noneconomic damages?

    Accidents, including car, truck, slip-and-fall, and pedestrian accidents, can result in a personal injury case. You can also file a personal injury claim for product liability, such as food poisoning or defective medical equipment, home appliances, construction equipment, or auto parts. Personal injury cases can recover costs for property damage, bodily injury, and pain and suffering. You can seek economic […]

    How Is Settlement Value Calculated?

    Injuries can leave you and your loved ones in a difficult financial situation. With the medical treatment costs, lost wages, and other growing bills, you may be wondering how you are going to pay for it all. If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury, whether in a slip or fall, a car or motorcycle accident, or […]

    8 Cultural Attractions in Henderson, NV

    Henderson, Nevada, is not only a top destination for families; it’s a top spot for Nevada residents and visitors who enjoy spending their time exploring cultural activities. From museums to live entertainment and more, Henderson has attractions for everyone. Take a look at some of the area’s best cultural attractions. Henderson Symphony Orchestra The Henderson Symphony Orchestra has a mission […]

    9 Unique Things to Do in Reno

    Commonly dubbed as the Biggest Little City in the World, you shouldn’t underestimate the scenic city of Reno in Nevada. Snuggled between the Sierra Nevada mountains and Lake Tahoe, Reno offers several indoor and outdoor activities. We went ahead and put together a list of unique things to do in Reno to help you decide your next destination. Browse the […]

    6 Local Organizations to Volunteer At in Las Vegas, Nevada

    Vegas may be known as the world’s gambling capital, but many other businesses and organizations throughout the city are in dire need of volunteers. With most of us leading hectic lifestyles, the idea of volunteering might seem like an impossible task to take on. However, volunteering is essential for many reasons and doesn’t take too much time. Whether you’re mentoring […]

    Long-Term Effects of Animal Bites

    No matter how cute or interesting they appear, it’s important to remember that dogs and other pets are animals — and animals can sometimes act unpredictably. While many bites end up being superficial, some carry a serious toll that requires medical care for a lengthy period. What are the long-term effects of animal bites, and how might those long-term effects […]

    Can A Lawsuit Be Dismissed?

    Every lawsuit has a life of its own, with its facts and law. Yet cases will go through similar and predictable stages as they make their way towards a resolution. One of those phases is when one side or the other files a motion with the court to end the case before trial, either at the beginning of the suit […]

    Toxic Metals Found in Common Baby Food

    Public health experts with the Food and Drug Administration and World Health Organization have long warned about the dangers of exposure to high concentrations of certain types of toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and inorganic arsenic. Of particular concern is their effect on the most vulnerable among us: babies and young children. Many studies have pointed to […]

    6 Reasons to Spend Christmas with the Kids in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is an exciting place any time of the year, but Christmas gives the city a special layer of holiday cheer. It’s a great excuse to come into town with the family to see the decorations, check out the shows, and have a grand dinner. Following are five things to do in Vegas during Christmastime that prove it’s a […]