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    What Is the Unsafe Act? 

    Unsafe acts are one of the leading causes of workplace accidents, causing severe injuries and lost productivity. What is an unsafe act? It is typically performed by an individual who ignores company policies or required safety standards. Still, against better judgment, they choose to act anyway. Many workers feel pressured into performing unsafe acts in the workplace to save time […]

    What to Expect After a Bad Car Accident

    In a fender-bender, you might expect to file an insurance claim and get a check to repair your car’s damage. However, you might not know what to expect after a bad car accident that causes severe vehicle damage and leaves you with catastrophic, life-altering injuries. After a severe car crash, you may expect to undergo medical treatment and rehabilitation while […]

    What to Do If You’ve Been in a Bus Accident

    When you’ve gotten hurt in a Las Vegas bus accident that wasn’t your fault, you may wonder what steps you need to take to ensure you can pursue compensation for your injuries and losses. After a bus accident, you deserve to focus on treating your injuries to get back to work and everyday life. However, some steps will put you […]

    How many car accidents happen in Las Vegas a day?

    Las Vegas is the most populous city in all of Nevada, so it should be no surprise that there are a lot of cars on the road. The public transportation system is also lacking, meaning most people commute using their own vehicles. This also means that Las Vegas has the highest number of car crashes in the state. But how […]

    Can an Accident Lawyer Help Me With My Insurance Company?

    While personal injury lawyers commonly seek settlements from the responsible party, they also help you deal with your insurance company during the process. Varying levels of liability for an accident and the other party’s insufficient protection or lack of coverage can complicate an already challenging situation. Insurance companies on both sides of an accident seek to limit the amount they […]