What To Do If You’ve Been Injured in a Resort or Casino

Resorts and casinos in Las Vegas, Reno, and other parts of Nevada offer abundant opportunities for pleasure, including shopping, gambling, fine dining, athletics, and shows. Most of the time, guests make plans and fulfill them without problems. But occasionally, things go wrong, and people get hurt or experience other forms of harm.

If something happens to you on a visit to a resort or casino, you might wonder what to do next. Every case is different, with unique circumstances. But consulting with experienced personal injury counsel can be a good step toward protecting your rights and obtaining compensation for your injuries.

Our legal team at De Castroverde Law Group has extensive experience representing those injured or harmed in incidents at resorts or casinos, whether they involve slip and fall accidents, swimming pool accidents, assaults, or other unpleasant activities. Taking a few key steps right after the accident and in the days that follow can help increase your chances of recovering damages.

After the Incident

Las Vegas Casino Injuries

Don’t think about lawsuits in the aftermath of an accident. Your first thought should be about safety for yourself and others. If you can, determine the extent of your injuries and decide if you need medical assistance. Ask someone to summon casino or resort personnel, which will have an accident protocol of their own to follow. If necessary, have someone contact the police and first responders; others may also have been hurt in the accident and need assistance.

As the situation stabilizes, consider taking notes about the incident if you can. Note the location where it happened and describe the circumstances of the incident. If you can, make a diagram of where people were standing and other relevant parts of the scene. Photographs of the scene also provide potent pieces of evidence.

Sometimes the notes you take immediately after an accident become the most credible evidence because the details remain fresh in your mind. If possible, also ask witnesses for their names and contact information. People who saw what happened can support your account of the incident, and it may be challenging to locate them if you wait until later.

In the days that follow, once you’re feeling better, we recommend scheduling a consultation with one of the personal injury attorneys at De Castroverde Law Group. We can evaluate the facts of your case, identify critical pieces of evidence, and help you decide on a course of action for your legal claim.

What Types of Laws Are Involved?

Accidents can and do happen. Sometimes they occur because someone acted recklessly or negligently, creating the conditions leading to your injuries. In such instances, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit to collect damages from the accident.

Personal injury law seeks to hold people accountable for their actions when someone is hurt or killed. These actions don’t necessarily have to be intentional. Personal injury cases involve claims that someone acted carelessly or failed to act in a way that a “reasonably prudent” person would have acted.

Resort or casino injuries can also lead to claims of premises liability, meaning that owners, whether companies or individuals, failed to keep their properties free of hazards and allowed conditions to develop that resulted in severe injuries.

Common Types of Resort or Casino Injuries

Resorts and casinos are big places that bring together different types of people for other purposes, such as a dinner out, a night to see a show or just some time on the gambling floor. With that many people on the property and so much space to maintain, much can happen. Here are some of the most common resort and casino accidents.

  • Slip and fall cases.
  • Negligent security.
  • Swimming pool accidents.
  • Elevator or escalator accidents.
  • Food poisoning.
  • Violent crimes.
  • Burns from a fire.

How the accident happened, and the extent of your injuries will determine whether you have grounds for a personal injury case. The attorneys at De Castroverde Law Group can help you make that assessment and chart a path forward using the facts, evidence, and the law.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Damages

As part of your case, you’ll have to determine what damages you’ll seek to recover. Under Nevada law, these fall into a few distinct categories. You’ll have to document your losses carefully, and your attorney will advise you on collecting the proper information. The types of damages you may seek:

  • Medical care, including the cost of the ambulance ride and treatment in the emergency room, as well as future care, such as physical therapy.
  • Lost wages for any time lost from work as you recover and days off for follow-up appointments.
  • Pain and suffering are based on any lingering emotional effects or to compensate you for extreme pain or discomfort.

In a case that a court believes exhibits extreme negligence or recklessness, you may also be able to seek punitive damages, which are a way of punishing a defendant in order to keep the actions from recurring.

Sizing up your claim correctly and documenting it in the right way takes good legal counsel. It’s essential when naming a resort or casino as a defendant. These are huge organizations with many resources. Adequately protect your rights with experienced personal injury counsel of your own from De Castroverde Law Group.

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