Tips for Spotting Staged Accidents

Car accidents are common in Nevada, especially on busy highways. And, even if you have done everything possible to stay safe on the roads, you cannot control the drivers you share it with. While most accidents truly are “accidents,” there are instances where individuals purposely target vehicles and cause accidents to increase insurance settlements.

These scams are just as popular in the United States as they are in other countries – and they are growing at an alarming rate. Luckily, these scams are often easy to spot because most of them are done using similar tactics.

Most Common Types of Staged Accidents Seen in the United States

After you have been involved in an accident, you must be diligent in exchanging information with the driver of the other vehicle. You must also get the names and contact information for their passengers, gather insurance information, etc.

When you are writing down how the accident occurred (including the time and what you were doing before, during, and after), be on the lookout for some of these common types of staged accidents:

  1. Swoop and Squat Method – This is the most commonly used tactic for staging an accident. It occurs in smooth moving traffic when a car pulls up beside you so that you cannot change lanes. Then a driver in front of you will suddenly brake – forcing you to rear-end their vehicle.
  2. Right Turn Drive Method – You make a right-hand turn from a stop sign and a car at the curb (that seems to be parked) suddenly accelerates forward and hits the rear corner of your vehicle – then that driver will try to state that you cut them off or pulled out in front of them.
  3. Wave Method – The driver sees that you are trying to change lanes and they wave you in, so you start to change. Then, that driver accelerates and forces you into an accident, claiming to the police that you cut them off or changed lanes without looking out for other vehicles.

Proving the Scam

Even if you suspect that you are a victim of a scam accident, you still must prove it to the courts. It is imperative that you show that the other driver caused the accident – and, most importantly, ensure that you are not found liable for an accident that was staged to look like it was your fault.

There are things you can do at the scene of the accident to document everything that happened and prove that you were not liable for the accident. These include:

  1. Documenting everything from the accident as soon as possible.
  2. Contacting the police immediately after the accident occurred and having a police report drafted. While a police report may not always be admissible, it can be used during negotiations to ensure you are not scammed by the other party.
  3. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses present at the scene, including drivers and passengers of other vehicles not involved in the accident. Be aware that these scam artists will often plant their own witnesses – so you will want to get more than just one name.
  4. Document all of your losses. Because that individual caused the accident, they will be liable for any damages that you suffer, including medical costs, property damage, car insurance deductibles, etc. You will want to document any out-of-pocket expenses you experience while waiting for your case to resolve.

Speak with a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney Regarding Your Accident

If you or a loved one was involved in an accident – staged or not – you should contact a Las Vegas car accident attorney as soon as possible. The team at De Castroverde Law Group are here to help you get the compensation you need for your injuries. Schedule your consultation at 702-222-9999 or fill out an online contact form with your questions.