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    Who’s At Fault in a Rear-End Accident?

    Understanding important facts about rear-end accidents, like who is at fault, can keep you safe on the road and help save you money when dealing with insurance claims. If you discover yourself at fault in a rear-end accident, the De Castroverde Law Group – Accident & Injury attorneys of Henderson, Nevada, will work hard to help you handle any resulting fees and […]

    Difference Between Accidental Deaths and Wrongful Deaths

    Suppose you’ve recently lost a beloved family member in the most tragic way possible. We understand dealing with any fallout and legal proceedings is the last thing on your mind. You are considering your options under the law, but the terms can seem confusing or overwhelming even with a clear mind. What exactly is an accidental death? What is wrongful […]

    Best Cups of Coffee Around Henderson, Nevada

    Coffee shops are popular spots for many people that can offer more than great coffee. They can be community gathering places where people congregate for social interactions, inclusive events, nourishing food, or grab a drink and have a quick chat with your favorite local barista. If you live in Henderson, Nevada, a city of 300,000 people just south of Las […]

    6 Things to Consider Before Filing a Personal Injury Case

    Were you or a loved one injured in a car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle accident? Did you suffer injuries from a slip, trip, or fall? Was a loved one the victim of medical misdiagnosis or a doctor’s negligence? Were you injured while using a defective product? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to know […]

    Valentine Dinner Ideas When You Live in Summerlin

    You don’t have to travel to Las Vegas for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Summerlin has many award-winning restaurants that are perfect for a date night with your sweetheart. Be sure to book your evening early, as all of these local favorites require reservations. Here are our top six picks for Valentine’s dinner in Summerlin. Marche Bacchus Marche Bacchus is […]

    Is Lane Splitting Legal in Nevada?

    What is lane splitting? This dangerous action refers to using two lanes to drive a motorcycle, also known as “splitting” the original lanes of traffic. All drivers must drive within the lines defining their lanes in Nevada, making splitting lanes illegal throughout the state. If you’ve sustained injuries because of driver splitting lanes in Henderson, Nevada, the De Castroverde Law […]

    What Are Non-Economic Damages in Personal Injury Cases?

    In personal injury cases, noneconomic damages don’t necessarily involve financial gain, and a jury generally awards them. They are less straightforward than economic damages, which may include out-of-pocket expenses. The De Castroverde Law Group – Accident & Injury attorneys of Henderson, Nevada, work hard to help clients recover both the economic and non-economic damages they deserve. What Are Compensatory Damages […]

    9 Unique Things to Do in Reno

    Commonly dubbed as the Biggest Little City in the World, you shouldn’t underestimate the scenic city of Reno in Nevada. Snuggled between the Sierra Nevada mountains and Lake Tahoe, Reno offers several indoor and outdoor activities. We went ahead and put together a list of unique things to do in Reno to help you decide your next destination. Browse the […]