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Are Car Accident Reports Public Record in Las Vegas, NV?

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Some car accidents in Nevada require law enforcement to come and prepare a report. In other cases, the individuals involved may submit a report themselves regarding the crash. In either case, these reports can contain valuable information about where your accident occurred, who was involved, and what happened.

Many people wonder whether these car accident reports are public record and how to go about obtaining a copy. Here is everything you need to know about car accident reports in Las Vegas.

Are Police Accident Reports Public Records in Nevada?

In Nevada, car accident reports are treated as public records. However, not every car crash may have a corresponding accident report created by law enforcement.

Certain car accidents in Las Vegas must be reported to law enforcement once they happen. These include collisions in which there is more than $750 in property damage or in which someone has either suffered an injury or died. But you can contact law enforcement following any crash if you are not certain whether you must report it.

Crashes that occur within the city limits of Las Vegas should be reported to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Similarly, accidents in nearby Henderson should be reported to that city’s police department. If you are on the highway outside of the city limits, the Nevada Highway Patrol would be the agency that would respond and make a report.

If law enforcement officers do not create a report, then you must submit a Form SR-1 to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles within ten days of your accident. You may need to do this even if there were no injuries or significant property damage resulting from your crash.

Getting a Copy of Your Las Vegas Traffic Report

Approximately one to two weeks after your crash occurred, you can request a copy of your accident report from the Nevada State Police Highway Patrol. In order to get a copy of your report, you will need the crash number assigned to your case. You will also need the last name of one of the involved parties and the date that the crash occurred.

A Nevada crash portal is available through Crashdocs, which allows you to receive a copy of your accident report immediately upon the payment of the fee of $10. There is no alternative available for you to get free car accident reports online for Nevada accidents. 

The Nevada Department of Transportation also maintains a list of car accidents in Nevada that can be consulted. This list includes very basic information about the crash.

Can I Get an Accident Report Near Me?

You can visit the Highway Patrol’s Southern Command office at 4615 West Sunset Road in Las Vegas. If your accident involved someone’s death, you must request the crash report from this or another regional office, as the report will not be available online.

The Southern Regional Command — or any other regional command office — would be where you could request any photographs accompanying your crash report. Photographs are not available through the online Nevada crash portal. There is an additional $5 fee if you would like copies of photos of your crash.

If your crash occurred within the limits of Las Vegas, you may be able to obtain a copy of your report online or in person from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

You Have Multiple Options To Obtain Your Nevada Accident Report 

Accident reports in Nevada are a matter of public record, so there are multiple ways you can go about obtaining a copy for yourself. As long as you remember basic information about your crash and know the proper agency from which to request your report, you can quickly and inexpensively get a copy of an accident report by mail or online. 

A Las Vegas car accident attorney can also be a valuable resource when you have questions about your accident or crash report.

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