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    How Often Do Doctors Get Held Accountable for Malpractice?

    According to a 2016 report from the Washington Post, medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the U.S., with over 250,000 lives lost each year. Patients and their families file tens of thousands of medical malpractice claims against healthcare providers every year. But what happens to the doctors who make mistakes that cost patients their health, or worse […]

    How to Make a Claim if I am Injured in a Public Place?

    When we’re enjoying public spaces, like parks and shopping centers, we trust that the people who maintain these areas do their best to keep the spaces safe and free of hazards. And in many cases, property managers, business owners, and government agencies do. But an accident in a public place can still happen. If you or a loved one have […]

    What Is a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance?

    A swimming pool certificate of compliance is an operating permit demonstrating that a public pool meets local health and safety standards. All public pools in Nevada — from hotel pools in Las Vegas to the community pools in Henderson and Reno — must have and display an operating permit. If a public pool does not have an operating permit, the […]

    What Must Be Shown to Win a Medical Malpractice Case?

    Some of the evidence you must show to win a medical malpractice case includes an established provider-patient relationship, a medical error committed by the provider, injuries caused by the medical error, and damages resulting from the injuries. That means you must show that a healthcare provider was medically negligent in caring for you, which caused you injuries and subsequent damages. […]

    Enjoy Las Vegas From a Helicopter

    Las Vegas is perhaps best known for its casinos, but Sin City offers much more beyond its gambling scene. The Strip is home to lots of live entertainment and tons of cool attractions like the Fountains of Bellagio and Venetian gondolas. There’s also the High Roller, which is the world’s largest observation wheel. If you want an even better view […]

    Spend a Couple of Days Visiting the Grand Canyon

    Located just a few hours from Henderson, the Grand Canyon is a magical place to visit with friends, family, or simply for a stunning solo trip. But if you’ve never been to this natural wonder, it can be challenging to determine the best way to spend your time. At De Castroverde Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer, we want you to […]

    What Are Slip-And-Fall Accidents?

    Life involves a series of risks. Some you can see coming; others happen in a split second, leaving you stunned and confused about what happened and why. That’s the category that describes slip-and-fall accidents. While they may sound inconsequential, these accidents can lead to significant injuries. Don’t underestimate the toll on your body following a slip and fall. Yes, there […]

    Explore the Reno Riverwalk District

    While it’s a common misconception, Reno is much more than just a small Las Vegas. The city has plenty to offer besides gambling establishments and live entertainment. One of its most unique offerings is the Riverwalk District which features tons of local businesses and gives you a complete taste of Reno’s distinct culture. You can participate in everything from shopping, […]

    Can an Accident Lawyer Help Me With My Insurance Company?

    While personal injury lawyers commonly seek settlements from the responsible party, they also help you deal with your insurance company during the process. Varying levels of liability for an accident and the other party’s insufficient protection or lack of coverage can complicate an already challenging situation. Insurance companies on both sides of an accident seek to limit the amount they […]

    8 Steps To Take After Being in a Motorcycle Accident

    Motorcycle accidents, like any vehicle accident, require careful information gathering to properly determine fault, the extent of injuries and property damage, and the settlement amount to conclude the case. The process can be overwhelming, but here are eight key steps you can take after being involved in a motorcycle accident to make the process more successful. Move to a Safe […]