Las Vegas Vacations Gone Wrong

While you’re on vacation, you should only have to worry about enjoying yourself and finding the best tourist activities. The owners of the attractions you visit and the hotels, motels, or resorts at which you stay are responsible for providing safe accommodations for you. Still, if an accident occurs while you’re on vacation in Las Vegas, it’s helpful to know what to do. Finding a Nevada attorney to handle your personal injury case can help you overcome your injury and seek justice for the damages.

What Is a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury case is a legal issue that addresses harm inflicted on someone’s body or mind. These cases can involve situations in which an individual experiences a physical injury due to the actions of another or instances of extreme mental distress. In personal injury cases, as a plaintiff, you can earn financial compensation to cover your medical expenses and emotional damage.

Common Personal Injuries for Las Vegas Tourists

Las Vegas Vacation Arrests

Knowing about the common injuries Las Vegas tourists sustain can help you prepare for the unfortunate event of experiencing an accident while you’re on vacation. Some personal injuries that Las Vegas tourist may experience include:

Swimming Pool Injuries

If the hotel or resort at which you’re staying has a pool, you might take extra precautions to follow all the guidelines the establishment implements. Public swim areas often have signs to indicate how deep the water is, whether there’s a lifeguard on duty, and what the pool rules are. If these signs aren’t present or clearly visible, it may increase the chances of an accident occurring, resulting in personal injury.

Slip and Fall Injuries

If a surface is uneven, has obstacles, or has a slippery surface, individuals may slip and fall, resulting in an injury. Establishments have the responsibility to inform you of any reasonable risk you face when visiting their property. For example, if an employee is mopping the floor at the restaurant you’re visiting, they can inform you of the slippery surface by displaying a sign.

Car Crashes

If you are the victim of a car-related accident on the Las Vegas Strip and surrounding areas, you may qualify for a personal injury case. In Nevada, you can make a personal injury claim due to a car crash within two years of the incident. This can include instances in which you’re driving, riding as a passenger, or even acting as a pedestrian. Along with car accidents, you may experience injury in a parking lot because of reckless driving or poor construction. In these cases, you may consider whether the establishment or individual involved in your accident is responsible.

Elevator Injuries

The architecture of Las Vegas features many tall buildings that offer elevator services for your convenience. Though companies and property managers regularly ensure that elevators are up to code, accidents can still occur. If you suffer from a physical or emotional injury due to an elevator malfunction, you might consider starting a personal injury case. Additionally, if you have an accident because an establishment doesn’t offer elevator service, you might also consider your legal options.

Animal Attacks

If someone else’s pet attacks you without provocation, this may qualify as a personal injury. Whether it’s the animal of a Las Vegas resident or a pet tagging along for another tourist’s vacation, pet owners have the responsibility to control their animals and ensure they don’t risk the safety of others. If you’re injured by a pet on your vacation, consider filing a police report to document the encounter.

Allergic Reactions

Another common tourist injury is allergic reactions. Allergic reactions can result in hospitalization at worst, but even without medical intervention, these accidents can traumatize the individual. If you’re eating at a restaurant, be sure to tell the wait staff of your allergy. After you inform them of your condition, it’s the restaurant’s responsibility to keep you safe from the allergen. This is also true of most establishments, such as hotels and resorts.

Do You Have To Use a Nevada Attorney for Your PI Tourism Case?

Even if you’re visiting from out of state, hiring a Nevada attorney to oversee your personal injury case is important for a couple of reasons. First, it’s necessary for the attorney you hire to defend you to have bar recognition in the state. This means that the state authorizes the professional to manage legal cases. If you hire an attorney from your home state, they may not have the jurisdiction they need to defend you. However, if you know an attorney’s office in your home state with a multijurisdictional practice, you don’t technically have to hire a Nevada attorney.

While hiring a Nevada attorney helps you stay compliant with the law, it can also help your legal team gather more information to help your case. In personal injury cases, plaintiffs provide proof of fault against the defendant of the case. Attorneys may hire private investigators in their network to find more evidence to build the case. This process is often easier if your attorney is in the state where the accident occurred.

How Can a Nevada Attorney Help?

At De Castroverde Law Group – Accident & Injury, our personal injury legal team is available 24/7 to offer advice, counsel, and support. After choosing us to represent your personal injury case, you can expect us to fight for you to increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

Hiring an attorney to lead your case can increase the likelihood of you receiving the compensation you deserve. It also allows you to relax after your injury and gives you peace of mind to know that a professional is handling the details of your case. A Nevada attorney, like one of our expert team members can also supply a professional opinion on your case and help you decide if you have enough evidence to prove fault for your accident.

While you have up to two years to file your personal injury case, making a claim soon after the accident can improve your attorney’s search for evidence. Contact us at any time to begin the process of receiving justice for your personal injury.

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