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Should I Call 911 After a Car Accident in Las Vegas? 

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If you are ever involved in a car accident, you will likely want to know whether you should call the police or 911. If it is a minor accident, you might wonder if it’s necessary to take this step. Here are the top reasons why you should consider calling 911 after a car accident in Las Vegas. 

You Are Required To Call 911 After Most Car Accidents in Nevada

Nevada law requires that you take the following actions after any accident involving injury, death, or property damage: 

  • Immediately stop your vehicle at the scene of the crash or as close as safe to do so
  • Provide your name, address, and vehicle registration number to any person injured in the accident, the driver, and any occupant of the vehicle
  • Show your driver’s license to the above individuals if requested
  • Render aid to anyone injured in the accident, including arranging for them to receive medical assistance
  • Make a report to the nearest police office if no officer responded to the accident

Not fulfilling these requirements could subject you to criminal charges.  

You Need Medical Help

Another reason why it’s important to call 911 after an accident is because you might need medical help. You may have suffered an injury and need emergency medical treatment and transport. 

Sometimes, adrenaline masks the signs of injury, so you might not immediately notice you are injured. An experienced EMT can look you over and see if there are any external signs. 

If you wait to seek treatment until you start exhibiting symptoms and you did not immediately call 911 after the accident, the responsible insurance company might try to argue that your injuries were due to some other event or that you are making them up. By calling 911 and receiving a prompt medical diagnosis, you can more easily establish your bodily injury claim.

Criminal Conduct May Be Involved 

If you’re wondering, “Do you have to call the police after an accident?” you might be hesitant to involve the authorities. However, it’s possible your accident was the result of criminal conduct, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

If you do not report the accident by calling 911, an officer may not respond to the accident, and crucial evidence could be lost as a result. 

The Other Driver Might Deny Fault

Sometimes, those who know they were responsible for causing the accident may try to convince you not to report the accident. They might say they will pay for your damages and that they don’t want to deal with inflated insurance costs. 

However, you might find later that they balk at the prospect of paying expensive repair bills, let alone providing fair compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

By calling 911, you can get an official accident report that shows the collision occurred and possibly detailing whose fault it is.

It’s not uncommon for the parties involved in a car accident to have different perspectives about how the crash occurred. The accident report might include important information about the accident, such as:

  • The directions of travel for each vehicle involved in the accident
  • The location of the damage on any relevant property
  • A diagram of the accident scene
  • Documentation that the other driver received a citation for breaking a traffic rule

This more objective evidence may be able to establish fault.

You Might Need a Police Report To Process Your Insurance Claim

The insurance company that is determining fault may require an accident report as part of its investigation. Since Nevada is an at-fault state for car insurance, this is likely the other driver’s insurance company. 

And if you’re wondering, “Should I call my insurance company after a minor accident,” the answer is also yes. Many insurance companies require that you report any accidents to them, even if they are not your fault. However, it’s best to speak with an attorney before you do this to protect your interests.

You will also want to contact a car accident lawyer, as you only have two years to file a lawsuit under Nevada’s statute of limitations

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