What Is the Unsafe Act? 

Unsafe acts are one of the leading causes of workplace accidents, causing severe injuries and lost productivity. What is an unsafe act? It is typically performed by an individual who ignores company policies or required safety standards. Still, against better judgment, they choose to act anyway. Many workers feel pressured into performing unsafe acts in the workplace to save time and money for the company.

Workers who perform unsafe acts that result in unfortunate accidents may not understand their legal rights. These workers may fail to seek compensation for their injuries because they mistakenly believe they cannot recover money for their medical expenses. At De Castroverde Personal Injury & Accident, our legal team wants to help you understand how a personal injury lawyer can protect your rights and seek the money you need to cover your financial losses after an unsafe act in the workplace harmed you.

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Unsafe Acts Vs. Unsafe Conditions 

There can be some confusion over what constitutes an unsafe act and what makes an unsafe condition in the workplace. An unsafe act is a task or activity conducted by an employee that may threaten their safety or the safety of others despite understanding the risks the unsafe act presents. An unsafe condition is an environmental safety hazard posed by the workplace that may cause property damage or injuries. Uneven walking surfaces, defective tools or machinery, and tripping hazards are typical examples of unsafe conditions.

Unsafe Act

Common Unsafe Acts in the Workplace 

Before performing any task in the workplace, employees should consider the risks associated with the activity. Risk assessment helps employees identify when an unsafe act or unsafe condition could lead to problems or significant injuries. Unfortunately, in demanding environments, many employees feel pressured to complete tasks and engage in unsafe acts to save time and hassle. Employees may also fear repercussions from managers or colleagues if they do not immediately complete a task, even if they know they are performing an unsafe act.

What types of actions and behaviors contribute to unsafe act accidents in the workplace? These are some of the most common unsafe actions employees tend to take on the job:

  • Failing to wear personal protective equipment or PPE
  • Improper use of PPE
  • Operating tools or machinery without permission or supervision
  • Operating tools or machinery without proper training
  • Servicing equipment before turning off the power
  • Using tools or equipment known to be defective
  • Using tools or equipment in unintended or unapproved ways
  • Unsafe lifting techniques
  • Removal or failure to use safety devices
  • Operating equipment or vehicles at unsafe speeds
  • Distractions or horseplay

Unfortunately, these unsafe acts can lead to significant employee consequences, like severe injuries and loss of income.

Why Do Employees Engage in Unsafe Acts? 

Consider this shocking statistic. Studies indicate that unsafe acts cause nearly 88 percent of industrial accidents. Why do employees engage in unsafe acts if they know their actions could be dangerous? There are numerous reasons a worker may disregard safety precautions and engage in unsafe acts in the workplace. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Rushing
  • Mental or physical fatigue
  • Frustration
  • Refusal or fear of seeking help or clarification
  • Using short cuts
  • Overconfidence

With so many workplace injuries caused by unsafe acts, employees must remain vigilant to protect themselves and their co-workers.

Injuries Caused by Unsafe Act Accidents 

Unsafe acts can cause significant and debilitating injuries that can impact an individual for the rest of their life, causing irreparable physical and financial issues. Some of the most common injuries caused by unsafe act incidents can include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Amputations
  • Crushing injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Neck and spine injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Thermal burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Internal bleeding
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Sprains/strains
  • Lacerations
  • Contusions

Significant injuries caused by unsafe acts can lead to scarring, disability, disfigurement, and mental health issues. These injuries may also prevent an individual from returning to the workplace, causing financial instability.

How a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by an unsafe act, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what comes next. Can you seek compensation for your injuries and financial losses? Are you eligible for workers’ compensation? What are your legal rights?

At De Castroverde Personal Injury & Accident, we know you have questions. That’s why after an accident caused by an unsafe act, you need to discuss your unique situation with an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney. All workplace accident cases are different. After reviewing the facts specific to your case, an attorney can outline your rights and legal options for seeking compensation for your injuries and financial losses.

Nearly all employers in Nevada must carry workers’ compensation insurance. Worker’s compensation is an insurance program that benefits injured employees. Workers’ compensation is not a fault-based system, meaning no matter who caused the accident, most employees are eligible to file a claim and seek benefits to cover their medical expenses and a portion of their lost wages. When someone not the employer harmed a worker, the worker injured in an accident caused by an unsafe act may file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for their injuries. This process may involve suing a contractor, manufacturer, or third party. Working with an attorney from the start means you have the legal advice you need to make informed decisions about the path that offers you the best opportunity to recover the money you need.

How Can Unsafe Conditions Impact a Settlement? 

Unsafe conditions in the workplace could impact a settlement. However, it can be hard to predict how a settlement will be affected without first understanding the unique factors in the claim. If unsafe conditions in the workplace result in a significant injury, discuss your situation with an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney can review the facts, determine how the condition may impact a settlement, and whether an OSHA violation factors into your case.

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An unsafe act in the workplace may have injured you, but that doesn’t mean you lose your legal right to seek compensation for your injuries. Discuss your case with a skilled Las Vegas personal injury lawyer from De Castroverde Personal Injury & Accident today to learn more about your rights and ability to seek money for your losses. Contact our office to arrange a confidential legal consultation.