Las Vegas Taxi Cab Accident Attorney

Taxi cab accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence in Las Vegas. Because so many tourists visit the city each year, taxi trips are the most frequent means of transportation. In fact, the Nevada Taxi Cab Authority reports that over 2 million taxi trips were taken in April of 2009 alone. This number makes it all the more apparent just how many taxis are on the roads each and every day. If you or someone you know was involved in a taxi cab accident, take a moment to consult an Las Vegas taxi cab accident attorney. You may have suffered serious injuries and required hospitalization, or perhaps a back injury that will take time and numerous treatments to heal. You may be able to seek financial compensation from the taxi company through a Las Vegas personal injury claim. You may also be able to seek compensation from the other party involved, depending upon who caused the accident.

Determining Fault in Taxi Cab Accidents

Taxi companies throughout Las Vegas are required to implement certain electronic, mechanical or other devices that are meant to protect the driver and passengers from crime or will aid law enforcement in apprehending individuals who commit crimes against cab drivers. These devices may have recorded the accident in some way. Your Las Vegas taxi cab accident attorney should get involved immediately and make sure that the taxi company does not destroy the evidence contained in this device. In some situations, it can make or break a case.

It is important to remember that you are most definitely not at fault for a taxi cab accident of any kind. You were not driving the vehicle and were simply a passenger in the back. Your Las Vegas taxi cab accident lawyer will need to investigate your case and determine against whom you can file a claim. It may be that the driver of the taxi caused the car accident or that someone else entirely was at fault.

By determining the negligent party, your Las Vegas taxi cab accident attorney can then seek the financial compensation you deserve. Call De Castroverde Accident & Injury Lawyers today to discuss your legal options to seek justice, our team of Las Vegas personal injury lawyers are ready to assist you.