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Although you can file your insurance claim on your own, the other party’s insurance company is likely to offer you a settlement that is below the true value of your claim. Insurance companies in Las Vegas are mainly concerned with keeping their cost as low as possible, therefore heightening their profits. The future of your case should not be left in the hands of someone who is not looking out for your best interest; neither should you have to contend with them on your own. In negotiations, often times your case will be denied, delayed or settled for much less than the desired amount.

Instead of accepting this and moving on because you feel you have no other options, you can seek your legal options and have the opportunity to recover the financial compensation you deserve. At De Castroverde Law Group, our legal team has assisted clients in the difficult area of personal injury and auto accident law for many years. Whether you were injured in a taxi cab accident or suffered serious injuries in a swimming pool accident at a hotel, our legal team is prepared to assist you in pursuing a claim for financial compensation.

Our main priorities are to give you the boost you need to obtain the compensation necessary to recover from injuries and to enhance your overall well-being. We want to do anything we can to prevent financial devastation due to unpaid medical expenses, and we refuse to leave a single stone unturned in our fight to obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas today!

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Common Accidents in Nevada

Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death for Nevada residents aged five through 44. The most common accidents that result in injuries (both fatal and non-fatal) include:

Statistics show that young children are particularly vulnerable; in fact, more than 9,100 deaths occur in a single year in children under the age of fourteen. Nevada has one of the highest child injury death rates in the nation due to incidents such as these. Drowning is particularly troublesome in Nevada, which has the third highest rate in the country. It’s unclear what types of outlying factors – such as swimming ability, health problems or the use of a life jacket – could have contributed to drowning accidents.

However, fatal injuries are only a small fraction of the total number of people who sustain injuries caused by various accidents. For example, there were more than 30,000 deaths associated with falls nationwide, but that only accounts for approximately 1.3 percent of all injuries due to falls.

Common Injury Types

Many victims of accidents sustain injuries of varying degree. Common types of injuries that occur from the accidents listed include:

How much will this injury impact a life? How long will it take for a victim to recover? These answers vary depending on the degree of injury a victim suffers with after an accident. Usually, an injury takes a certain amount of time to heal, and a victim can fully recover and move forward with their lives. However, severe injuries like a brain or spinal cord injury, on top of taking months or even years to fully heal, may not allow a victim to ever return to a completely normal life.

Costs of Injuries in Nevada

On average, unintentional personal injury leads to more than $19,000 in medical expenses for victims in Nevada. However, more serious accidents can lead to much more disastrous consequences and significantly higher medical bills. While medical bills and lost wages are easy to quantify, provided all the paperwork is in order, the loss of quality of life can be a more difficult thing on which to place a dollar figure.

Non-Economic Damages

Quality of life can mean many different things; driving a car, exercising or even doing household chores can all be included here. If you are in an accident, the injuries sustained can have a permanent effect on your ability to do the things you used to do every day. These are known as non-economic damages.

Emotional anguish, loss of consortium, or even the inability to cook dinner for your children fall under this umbrella. If you led an active lifestyle and can no longer play sports in any way, then compensation can be sought for the loss of what once was a normal life for you. If your children lose the guidance and support they once had from you, then your family can seek compensation for that as well.

An experienced attorney can fight on your behalf for fair compensation when non-economic damages are apparent. Broken bones and lacerations will heal, but the lasting damages can remain long after the cast has come off. Therefore, your personal injury lawyer will wait until you have achieved maximum recovery to file the claim. That way undiscovered injuries caused by the accident will reveal themselves in full, thereby allowing you to be compensated for them.

Nevada Personal Injury Laws

The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in Nevada is two years from the time the injury initially took place. If the case is filed after the two year limit, a hearing will be necessary to determine whether your claim is valid beforehand.

Nevada operates under the modified comparative fault rule. If you as the victim are awarded $10,000 in damages in a personal injury claim but are found to be 25 percent at fault, you would only receive $7,500 of that. The modified provision means that if you are found to be 50 percent or more at fault, then you will not be entitled to seek any damages.

There are caps placed on how much compensation you can receive in a single personal injury claim. Damages directly related to medical expenses and lost wages have no cap, but “pain and suffering” damages have a $350,000 cap in medical malpractice cases. Other cases, such as a car accident caused by a negligent driver, can attach punitive damages to the compensatory damages. Whether there is a cap of any sort depends upon the type of claim.

When it comes to submitting a claim against a government agency, tort limits can significantly decrease the number of situations in which a claim would be accepted. The employee who caused your injury must have been acting within the scope of employment for the agency to be held liable for the employee’s actions.

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Whether by carelessness, negligence or even intentional design, personal injury accidents are one of the most trying incidents you can face. In addition to dealing with the physical pain and emotional trauma of the accident itself, a victim will have to contend with medical expenses, potentially painful rehabilitation, lost wages from being unable to work, and much more. Fortunately, our Las Vegas injury attorneys at De Castroverde Law Group can help.

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