If you or your family are facing deportation proceedings, you have the right to fair and just representation in immigration court. The immigration process can be overwhelming and confusing, but De Castroverde Law is here to answer your questions, assist in your legal defense, and guide you through each step along the way.

Our lawyers are fluent in both English and Spanish and have experience with over a thousand removal cases, combined. We know all of the proper steps to take during deportation proceedings, we know how to appeal removal orders, and we will represent you fairly before the Board of Immigration Appeals.

De Castroverde Immigration & Deportation Attorneys

Immigration court requires all immigrant defendants to legally prove that they should be allowed to stay in the United States. It has been proven that families who have an attorney to represent them during deportation proceedings have a significantly greater chance of being allowed to stay in the United States than those without an immigration attorney. However, according to a report from the American Immigration Council, only 37 percent of immigrants were able to secure legal representation.

Deportation is considered a civil infraction, rather than a criminal sanction, which means that non-US citizens are not guaranteed legal representation. The lack of appointed counsel means that many of those in deportation proceedings already face a disadvantage, and this may impact their right to a fair hearing.

Immigrants who have attorneys are more likely to get released from detention, are more likely to be permitted to stay in the US, and are more likely to receive the asylum they seek. Immigration issues are complicated and our expert attorneys could save you time and money by identifying your options and helping you find the best outcome possible.

We will assist you with filling out and submitting all of the necessary paperwork for an appeal of removal orders, and your chances of remaining in the US are much higher with a devoted attorney representing you before Immigration Court and the Board of Immigration Appeals.

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At De Castroverde Law, we have a team of dedicated attorneys, led by award-winning immigration attorney, Jocelyn Cortez. We will represent you and your family to make sure you have a voice on your side during deportation proceedings, and that your rights are preserved in an immigration court. We will help you during deportation proceedings, we will help you appeal removal orders, and we will represent you before the Board of Immigration Appeals. Contact De Castroverde Law today to find out more about your options and speak with an immigration attorney about your case.