Sealing Criminal Records in Nevada

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A conviction for a Nevada criminal offense comes with many consequences that can significantly alter the trajectory of your life. While time behind bars and hefty fines may be the most tangible of those consequences, having a criminal record can be a crippling burden long after you have served your sentence or paid your debt to society. A criminal record can limit your employment, educational, financial, and other opportunities and be a stain on your reputation that is difficult to overcome.

Fortunately, Nevada provides a mechanism for many people to relieve themselves from the shackles of a criminal arrest or conviction. Sealing your criminal record offers a second chance and a brighter future. But not everyone is eligible, and the process for obtaining an order to seal your record can be complicated. Therefore, it is critical that you get the help of an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney who can determine your eligibility, assist you with the preparation of the required documents, and give you the best chance of making a fresh start.

What Does Sealing a Criminal Record Mean?

Sealing a criminal record in Nevada is not the same as expungement. Your file is not destroyed. Rather, it is removed from the public record. A sealed conviction will not appear on criminal background checks, for example. Sealing a record prohibits access except to court employees for record management purposes, certain government agencies for an authorized search, or a specific party authorized pursuant to a court order.

Sealing your criminal record in Nevada makes it as though your arrest or conviction never happened. In most cases, once it is sealed, you can honestly answer “no” when asked by prospective employers, schools, or others if you have a prior arrest, charge, or conviction.

Who is Eligible for Sealing a Nevada Criminal Record?

A record can only be sealed by a judge after his or her review and approval of a petition filed by the individual seeking to have his or her record sealed. Most crimes, but not all, can be sealed if the applicable time period has passed before filing the petition. Convictions for crimes against children, sex crimes, and felony drunk driving (DUI) or drugged driving (DUID) are not eligible for sealing no matter how much time has passed since the completion of the defendant’s sentence.

Sealing not only applies to convictions, but also to the arrest records of individuals acquitted of charges or who had charges against them dropped.

While individuals who were acquitted or had charges dropped can petition to have their records sealed immediately, those convicted have to wait before doing so. How long you will have to wait after completing your sentence before seeking to seal your record depends on the offense.

The following are the statutory time periods that must pass after the date of release from actual custody, or discharge from parole or probation, before a petition for sealing can be granted:

Even if the required time has passed, your petition can still be denied if you get in further trouble with the law during that time.

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The process, procedures, and requirements for sealing a Nevada criminal record are lengthy, detailed, and complicated. Any number of missteps can put your chances of success at risk. Given what’s at stake, it is no time to take chances.

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