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Las Vegas Casino Injury Lawyers

People from around the world know Las Vegas is famous for its casinos. Whether you’re gambling on the Strip or in a surrounding area, you expect a certain level of safety from the casino you’re visiting. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. When a casino fails to provide a safe environment that presents an unnecessary risk to patrons, it can lead to injuries that may prove to be severe or even life-threatening.

Don’t let your fun night turn into a nightmare because the casino operator neglected their patrons’ safety. If you or a loved one was injured at a casino in Las Vegas, you might have the legal right to sue for financial damages. A Las Vegas casino injury lawyer at De Castroverde Accident & Injury Lawyers can help. 

Our firm represents victims of accidents and injuries at hotels and casinos throughout the city, offering personalized attention and knowledgeable legal counsel when you need it most.

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Common Types of Accidents in Casinos

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From entertainment and nightlife to gambling, there are a lot of things for you to do and see at a Las Vegas casino. But even though you are there to have fun and take advantage of everything the casino has to offer, there are plenty of things that could go wrong. 

Here are some common factors that can lead to casino accidents and cause severe and life-threatening injuries:

  • Alcohol
  • Exposed construction
  • Pools
  • Slipping and falling
  • Security issues
  • Maintenance failures
  • Illness

Any of these could be grounds for a premises liability claim. In providing gaming, entertainment, and accommodations to visitors, casino and hotel owners are obligated to make sure their guests can enjoy those pursuits without risk of injury. 

Alcohol-related Accidents

Incidents of over-serving alcohol are common, and you may be surprised to find it can be the basis for a claim. It’s no secret that guests at casinos enjoy alcohol consumption, and it’s the casino’s responsibility to make sure that guests aren’t overserved. Intoxicated patrons can be a danger to themselves and other patrons.

Whether you hurt yourself after being overserved, leading to a slip and fall in a Las Vegas casino, or you were injured by someone who was intoxicated, you can talk to our team about your options for compensation.

Exposed Construction

Casinos are constantly being renovated and upgraded to ensure visitors’ experience is ideal. However, if materials are not secured or an area is exposed to guests, they may be hit by falling debris or tools. 

It is the casino staff’s responsibility to make sure that the site is safe and adequately marked. The messiness of construction sometimes can’t be avoided, but some accidents can be prevented if property owners post proper warnings. 

Pool Accidents

Many of the hotels and casinos in Las Vegas have swimming pools and spa areas that can lead to dangerous conditions if no precautions are taken on the premises. For example, if a casino lacks security around its pool area, that increases the chances for nonfatal drownings, which can result in injuries like permanent brain damage.

Other forms of pool and spa negligence include not posting proper warnings of slippery areas and failing to address any risks as they become apparent. Whatever caused your pool accident, our premises liability attorneys can investigate the case. 

Slip and Fall Accidents

It is fairly common for casino patrons to suffer injuries from slipping and falling on the premises. However, there’s a difference between being clumsy and being hurt by someone’s carelessness. We can look into whether your accident qualifies as the latter.

In hotels and casinos, victims can fall due to:

  • Spilled drinks
  • Torn carpet
  • Unsecured cords 
  • Puddles 
  • Poor layout 
  • Walkway obstructions
  • Lack of lighting
  • Uneven flooring
  • Taking the stairs 

These could all cause you to slip and fall. If this happened to you, your bills and other losses should be compensated by those at fault. Taking a walk in a casino should not be a dangerous activity.

Security Issues

You may also suffer an injury due to negligent or inadequate security staff or measures. For example, with money involved, stress heightens, which may lead to patrons physically harming each other. The staff is at fault if it fails to protect you from potential danger from others when they see it. 

Also, security staff at the casino can physically harm you by using excessive force. To make sure your voice is heard after an encounter like this, our team can support your injury case.

Maintenance Failures

Other forms of premises negligence are connected to hotel and casino owners not properly maintaining their property. For instance, faulty machinery or equipment can cause:

  • Leaks
  • Puddles
  • Electrical problems
  • Fire hazards
  • Tripping risks

Additionally, poorly maintained elevators and escalators can cause harm, as can malfunctioning machinery for casino games or shows. Property owners can share fault with product manufacturers in these cases. We can investigate to learn more. 


What qualifies as an “injury” for a premises liability suit can include illnesses. If negligence was the cause of your illness, you could have a claim. 

For instance, maintenance failures like leaky equipment, puddles, or lack of sanitation can also cause:

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Mold growth and allergic reactions
  • Legionnaires’ disease
  • Infections from bug infestations

Likewise, casino restaurants can pose a risk of food poisoning due to unhygienic practices or improperly stored food.

If you have been injured by these or other negligent acts in a Las Vegas casino, you may be able to file a claim for damages. And you will need an attorney to help you. Our team can support your claim, handle the logistics, and let you shift your focus back to your recovery.

Who Is At-Fault for a Slip and Fall and Other Injuries at a Casino?

In many cases, the casino owner can be held accountable for your injuries, including the costs of your medical care and reimbursement for other expenses. However, some casino injuries are caused by a confluence of factors, while others are the fault of a third party. 

Getting to the bottom of who can be held liable for your injury is one of our goals when taking on your case. Some possible parties who can be pursued for your costs and losses include:

  • Property owners
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Product designers 
  • Construction companies
  • Vendors 
  • Other casino patrons

These parties could even share the blame. For instance, if the casino bar overserved a guest who hurt you, both the guest and the casino owners can be considered negligent. Similarly, if a property owner knew they were using faulty equipment and didn’t fix or replace it, the manufacturer and owner can be liable if you’re injured.

When a Casino May Not Be Liable

In some cases, a property owner can’t be held responsible for injuries. One reason may be when trespassing is involved (NRS § 41.515). If someone is injured on a property when they were not permitted to be there, the property owner can avoid being held liable. 

That being said, a casino or hotel owner could still be liable if:

  • They willfully or want only to cause harm.
  • They don’t take proper care to avoid causing harm after discovering the trespasser on the property.
  • The victim is a child who fits certain criteria.

Some property owners may try to use this law to get out of being held liable, calling you a trespasser when you were not. While identifying liable parties, we can work to defend against this excuse if you or your child was hurt by negligence.

The Injury Claims and Lawsuit Process

To obtain compensation for an injury sustained in a casino, you must file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the establishment. One of our attorneys at De Castroverde Accident & Injury Lawyers can help you discover whether you have a claim or not.

If you do have a sufficient claim, one of our attorneys will guide you through the steps in the claims process. That could include:

  • Helping you give an official statement about the accident
  • Compiling evidence of your injuries
  • Reviewing the terms of a settlement offer
  • Negotiating a settlement that fits your injuries and experience
  • Handling emails, calls, and other communications
  • Exploring lawsuit options if no agreement can be reached
  • Filing paperwork before deadlines
  • Preparing to go to court if necessary

As part of the process, we can help you determine if you are eligible for certain types of compensation based on your injuries. We will also help you determine the best approach to get the proper reimbursement for your case.

While a premises liability injury case follows those basic steps, the actual journey each case takes will be unique. Many cases settle out of court; in fact, property owners and insurance companies are obliged to come to an agreement to avoid paying court costs and leaving a verdict up to a jury. However, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys are willing to go as far as necessary to obtain your financial recovery.

A Lawsuit vs. an Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim doesn’t mean you won’t have the opportunity to file a lawsuit later. However, going through the casino owner’s insurance is typically the first step. We may move forward with filing a lawsuit if:

  • There is disagreement over who is liable.
  • Your injuries are undervalued.
  • Some of your losses are being disputed.
  • The insurance company is operating in bad faith.
  • Settlement negotiations have broken down.
  • The property owner wasn’t insured.

For example, if you suffered a slip and fall, resulting in a back injury and chronic pain, the insurance company may not be willing to cover pain treatment, such as acupuncture or chiropractic care. It may also deny compensation for the psychological aspect of your ordeal. If we can’t settle the disagreement, a lawsuit may push them toward settlement or allow us to present evidence in court. 

Evidence Our Premises Liability Lawyers in Las Vegas Use

To fight against a combative insurance company or property owner, we can compile data and information supporting your version of events, highlighting your injuries, and arguing for appropriate compensation. That could include:

  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Texts, emails, or social media posts
  • Security camera footage
  • Photographs from the scene
  • Medical records
  • Physical evidence or debris
  • Expert analysis
  • Accident reconstruction

To return to our back injury example, we can consult doctors, chiropractors, and other experts to highlight the care you need. We can also cite research. For instance, a study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that patients who received chiropractic care for lower back pain saw their pain and disability reduced. 

We can also use testimony, video footage, and photos to create a timeline that showcases when a hazard was created. Premises liability cases can hinge on how long a risk was unaddressed by a property owner. The team at De Castroverde Accident & Injury Lawyers can utilize evidence to that end. 

Types of Injury Compensation

The types of injury compensation available to you vary depending on your case but may include the following:

  • Sufficient payment of medical bills, including your emergency expenses
  • Reimbursement for any physical and psychological therapy that you may need after your accident
  • Lost income due to unpaid time off or even the loss of a job
  • Long-term disability
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Permanent scarring or disfigurement
  • A loss of enjoyment in the way of life you experienced before the accident

If a casino accident has left you with injuries, you don’t have to let this have a negative impact on your future. You deserve the chance at a full recovery without taking on the burden of these medical bills alone.

How We Determine Possible Compensation

Knowing what your case is worth helps us recognize settlement offers that are not enough to compensate you for your experience. To understand the full spectrum of your injuries and losses, we consider your:

  • Injury severity
  • Recovery time
  • Future prognosis
  • Medical history
  • Dependents
  • Hobbies 
  • Career 

For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one out of five falls results in serious injuries like fractures or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). If this happened to you, a TBI could interfere with not only your physical health but also your quality of life. 

Among the TBI problems listed by the Mayo Clinic, difficulty writing or organizing your thoughts could mean you can’t finish that novel you’d been writing, which brought you joy and fulfillment. Cognitive and executive functioning issues can also interfere with your ability to do your job, warranting compensation.

This is just one example. Whatever injury you sustained, it likely had an impact beyond just your medical bills. The liable party may try to gloss over that impact, but we won’t. We scrutinize all facets of your life that have been affected by your casino injury case.

How Nevada’s Negligence Laws Can Affect Your Compensation

In some cases of personal injury in Las Vegas, you may find your damages reduced by your percentage of fault. This is called comparative negligence (NRS § 41.141). It is designed to ensure liability is accurately divided among people involved in an accident. As long as you are less than 51 percent at fault for an accident, you can pursue compensation.

For example, if you were texting while walking when you tripped and fell due to loose carpeting, your fault may be placed at 25 percent. That means your compensation will be reduced by that much. 

Unfortunately, some negligent parties and insurance companies try to assign more blame to victims to either avoid paying as much or to get out of liability entirely. We can fight back against you being assigned an unfair level of fault.

How De Castroverde Accident & Injury Lawyers Can Help You

After being injured in a Las Vegas casino, you may be overwhelmed. Many of the casinos in the city are well-funded, which means going up against them by yourself can be difficult. An attorney can help make the claims process smoother and more likely to succeed.

As Las Vegas attorneys, the De Castroverde team is well-versed in casino laws and personal injury claims. We proudly represent victims of all types of accidents at casinos throughout the area. Whether you suffered injuries due to slip and fall accidents, negligent security measures, the use of excessive force by security personnel, and injuries at casino nightclubs, we will fight to provide you with the representation you deserve. 

Our law firm understands Nevada law’s intricacies and the liability casinos have for these types of accidents.

How Long do You Have to File a Claim or Lawsuit

In Nevada, you generally have two years from the date of an accident to file a personal injury lawsuit (NRS § 11.190(4)(e)). However, this is not true in all cases. Your accident may have circumstances that lengthen or shorten the filing window. 

To ensure you have all the information you need and are aware of the deadlines, talk to our slip and fall attorneys. We can evaluate how long you have to file. 

Individualized Attention to Your Individual Needs

This is a family business, and as such, we offer a personalized family-style approach to each of our cases. The other side may view you as a statistic, but we treat you like one of our own. 

You can even hear from our clients themselves on our testimonials page. Some of our reviews:

  • “The entire team at De Castroverde Accident & Injury Lawyers helped me get the treatments I needed and took all the pressure off me so I could focus on healing myself. I would highly recommend them to anyone!” – Johnna B.
  • “If you are looking for caring and excellent attorneys, I highly recommend Orlando De Castroverde and David Menocal. They are very experienced and care about their clients…They took care of everything and made me feel so relieved.” – Maria C. 

Don’t just take their word for it — take advantage of our free case evaluation to learn more. We can listen to your story, discuss your options, and start working toward your damages. 

You may receive compensation for medical bills, including long-term care, as well as earnings lost from your place of employment, emotional damage, and more. We work toward a solution that allows you to rebuild your future and get back on the path to wellness and security. You deserve to maintain the quality of life you had before, and we will do our best to get you the proper compensation.

Your case will also be supported by a full team committed to your casino premises liability case. Our lawyers are joined by paralegals, case managers, and expert consultants, all of whom work together to get you justice.

Contact Us Today Using Any of Our Convenient Communications Options

If you or someone you love has been injured in a casino accident, please don’t hesitate to reach out to De Castroverde Accident & Injury Lawyers today. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and talk to you about the options you have moving forward. We’re available 24/7; you can reach us by sending us a secure online message to our personal injury lawyers or calling us.

We have the knowledge and experience needed to get you the best result. We will work tirelessly and dedicate our time and attention to fighting for your case to get the representation you deserve.


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