Lucky 13: The Most Famous Las Vegas Movie Criminals of All Time

The Most Famous Las Vegas Movies Criminals of All Time

Have you ever thought about how much jail time the wolfpack would be in for after their night on the town? Or found yourself wondering who would serve more time after the events in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Dr. Gonzo or Raoul Duke? We have.

We wanted to find out which movie characters would rack up the most jail time if they were charged, tried and convicted of every crime they committed – to see what would happen if the judge absolutely threw the book them.  So, we collected a list of some of the most notorious movie criminals and characters (along with a surprise or two) and catalogued their actions through to find out how much jail time they would be in for according to the Nevada criminal code. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot.

Explore these fictitious characters, their crimes and the corresponding consequences below. Make sure to hover over different elements to bring up tool tips with more information about state laws and details on the crimes.

Now, in reality, many of the lesser charges that each character accrued would likely either be tossed out or run concurrently with the more serious ones. It is, however, conceivable that a judge would impose such long sentences. Consider that James Holmes (the Aurora movie theatre shooter) was sentenced to 12 consecutive life sentences PLUS 3,318 years for his crimes.

  • Sentencing information is typically provided in ranges. Since we are looking at the MAX jail time these characters would rack up, we took the top of each range for each charge. For example, if battery came with a 5-15 year sentence, we display 15 years in every instance.
  • Additionally, the length of a life sentence would vary from character to character. So, to make all things equal, we assign 55 years to any crime that would carry a life sentence. This number was taken from a study as the median time served of over 100 life sentences.
  • There are nearly 352,000 movies in the IMDB database, with 563 released in 2014 alone. That’s a lot of movies and even more criminals and villains to choose from. To narrow down the movie choices, we focused solely on movies that take place largely in Las Vegas or Nevada.To make our list, the majority of the movie had to take place in Las Vegas or Nevada, but the characters did not have to survive the movie to be included.

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