How to Prevent Swimming Pool Accidents This Summer

With summer approaching, it is time to take a few moments to think about swimming pool safety. For health, safety, and legal reasons, there are precautions to take and good practices to put in place. Taking time to reflect now will both improve your chances of having an accident-free summer, and increase your knowledge of what to do in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Children Must Be Supervised

It is imperative that children are supervised while swimming, irrespective of their level of swimming expertise. The rule is the same whether children are swimming at a sprawling public swimming facility or a backyard above-ground pool. This is common sense, but there still exists the temptation to reduce vigilance for children that are advanced swimmers for their age or approaching teenage years. Don’t let your guard down; doing so will increase the chances of a swimming pool tragedy.

Learn CPR

Affordable classes are taught by the Las Vegas chapter of the Red Cross, and they will get you ready to perform first aid in time for summer. Even after you have learned CPR, post instructions near your private pool. Doing so will ensure that you stay calm, collected, and ready to act in the event you need to perform CPR.

Pool Owners Owe an Elevated Duty of Care to Swimming Guests

It is important to understand that pool owners owe an elevated duty of care to swimming guests. For the owners of private backyard, rooftop, or interior pools, the duty of care owed to swimming guests is even higher than the ordinary duty. These social guests are classified as “licensees,” and pool owners must warn them of the presence of any dangers that are not obvious to the average person. In the swimming context, this might include the depth of water, presence of cleaning chemicals in the water, and/or slippery surfaces. The duty of care elevates further for the owners of pools that are either open to the public, and for pool owners, whether public or private, that charge an entrance fee. General public guests and paid public or private guests are classified as “invitees” and pool owners must protect them by maintaining the premises to prevent injury.

What to Do If You Are Injured In a Swimming Pool Accident

If you are injured in a swimming pool accident in Nevada this summer, you may have a legal claim against the owner of the pool. To discuss your legal options, contact an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer today.