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    Who Pays for Vehicle Damage in Nevada?

    \After a car accident, your vehicle will likely have some damage. However, Las Vegas vehicle damage liability may come into question. Whether it is a few scratches and dents or something that requires more in-depth repair, you may wonder who will be responsible for paying for the damage. Determining who will pay for your vehicle repairs depends on a few factors […]

    How Does Personal Injury and Bodily Injury Differ?

    Suppose you have suffered injuries because of someone’s reckless or negligent behavior, either in an accident or otherwise. In that case, you might decide to go to court to seek compensation for both physical and emotional damages. As your lawsuit unfolds, you may start hearing unfamiliar terms, such as personal injury and bodily injury. It’s essential to understand the differences […]

    What To Do In Case of a Taxi Cab Accident

    A taxi accident can be a traumatic event whether you are a passenger in a cab or you are in a vehicle that is struck by one. If you are a passenger who commonly uses taxi services, take a moment now to think about the steps you must take after an accident. Your health, safety, and even your financial security […]

    What to Do in Case of an Uber Accident

    When you’ve suffered serious injuries in an Uber accident, you may be left feeling worried and confused about what your next steps should be. The first thing to do is get to safety and receive a medical evaluation. Afterward, you may want to seek legal recovery for your Uber accident-related damages and losses. A compassionate legal advocate on your side […]

    5 Common Causes of Serious Burn Injuries

    Each year, 500,000 people seek medical treatment in emergency rooms or other medical facilities for severe burn injuries. Those who survive face a long and painful road to recovery. What are the principal causes of severe burn injuries? This is a question carefully studied by medical professionals, public health advocates, and fire prevention officials to lower the rate of incidence […]

    Product Liability: What Constitutes a Claim in Nevada?

    Thousands of people a year are injured because of faulty products. Product liability cases are brought when a manufacturer is accused of inadequately designing, manufacturing, or marketing their product to the consumer. An experienced attorney can help you recover compensation if you have been a victim of a faulty product. Under product liability law in Nevada, companies have the responsibility to […]

    When to Hire a Lawyer for Dog Bites

    Across the United States, they are in an estimated 50 million households. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) estimates that there is one dog for every four people in our country. As much as we appreciate their companionship, it’s important not to lose sight that dogs are animals and can be unpredictable. They don’t reason like humans and they can […]

    The Most Common Slip and Fall Injuries

    Slips and falls can lead to serious personal injury. While these accidents can affect everyone, more serious injuries can occur to older individuals and those whose bodies are less resilient. There are a variety of factors that can cause a slip and fall accident, and many of them result in damages that can be legally pursued by the injured party. […]

    Reporting a Nursing Home for Neglect

    When individuals require long-term medical care, that care is typically entrusted to a nursing home or assisted living facility. But many people are hesitant about sending their loved ones to a nursing home for fear that they may be neglected. With more than 700 substantiated cases of abuse or neglect in Clark County nursing homes and assisted living facilities in […]

    Steps to Prevent Bicycle Accidents in Spring 2022

    Spring is in the air and many people are ready to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. Whether for exercise, recreation, or traveling to work, there are many reasons why you might choose to ride a bicycle. Whatever the reason you decide to ride a bike, there are important precautions to take in order to keep you safe on the road […]