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    Why Grass Clippings Are Responsible for Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycles rely on fine balance and a certain amount of friction between the tires and the road to remain upright. When debris like grass clippings, gravel, sand, and wet leaves prevent the motorcycle tires from direct contact with the road, the driver can quickly lose control at high speeds, with devastating results. If you or a loved one was injured […]

    Nevada Motorcycle Accidents: A Complete Guide

    There’s nothing like taking your motorcycle out for a ride through Nevada’s rocky, mountainous scenery. Whether it’s a solo trip or a social event with fellow bikers, the thrill and sense of freedom you get while driving can make you feel invincible. Unfortunately, accidents still happen. Because motorcycles offer almost none of the protection a car has, you could suffer […]

    Common Types of Las Vegas Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle riding is an American passion. Those who own bikes partly do so because of the sense of freedom it gives them. Exhilarating though it may be, motorcycle riding also comes with dangers. Because you are so exposed, you can be involved in life-threatening accidents. What are some of the most common motorcycle accidents, and what recourse do you have […]

    Does Health Insurance Cover Car and Motorcycle Injuries?

    Being injured in a car or motorcycle accident can be a chaotic and confusing experience. Not only are you wondering what your next steps are, but you may also wonder who will be responsible for covering the costs of treating your injuries. In most cases, there are several insurance companies and policies in place, including health and medical insurance, car […]

    Is Lane Splitting Legal in Nevada?

    What is lane splitting? This dangerous action refers to using two lanes to drive a motorcycle, also known as “splitting” the original lanes of traffic. All drivers must drive within the lines defining their lanes in Nevada, making splitting lanes illegal throughout the state. If you’ve sustained injuries because of driver splitting lanes in Henderson, Nevada, the De Castroverde Law […]