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    How to File A Medical Malpractice Claims in Nevada

    Even the healthiest and luckiest among us sometimes have to go to the doctor. When we do, we have a reasonable and understandable expectation that we will get the very best from our medical professionals as they apply years of training and experience to help us get better. Unfortunately, not all people in health care carry out their duties to […]

    Can You Sue for a Hospital Acquired Infection?

    Infections in a hospital are not uncommon. In fact, they are one of the leading causes of patient deaths in the United States. According to recent data, 1.7 million patients will acquire an infection from a hospital stay each year – and 99,000 of those patients will die, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Infections come […]

    A Quick Guide to Filing Medical Malpractice Claims in Nevada

    Hospital errors and physician errors are becoming increasingly common, which has sparked more interest in medical malpractice claims in the state of Nevada. Whether you or a loved one has been injured, it is important that you understand the laws and the process of filing these claims. Most importantly, you should seek immediate counsel from an attorney. An attorney can […]

    Medical Malpractice in the Emergency Room

    When you take yourself, your child, or a loved one to the emergency room, you expect to receive competent, professional, and appropriate care. Emergency rooms exist to help individuals in need of prompt medical attention, and we trust the doctors, nurses, and staff members who work in emergency rooms to take care of our medical needs. There is no question […]

    Symptoms of Brain Damage in Infants

    Every parent hopes for a healthy child. Unfortunately, certain circumstances during delivery can cause varying degrees of brain injury in infants. For example, a doctor’s negligent use of forceps or a vacuum may result in trauma to the baby’s head. Difficult and prolonged labor can reduce the amount of oxygen to the infant’s brain. If the lack of oxygen is prolonged, […]