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    Three Reasons to Wait for the New Year for Your Divorce

    January is one of the busiest months for new divorce filings – which is why it was creatively coined the “Divorce Month” for the nation. January is traditionally seen as a time for new beginnings and, when the New Year starts, many people commit to turning over a new leaf, which may also mean taking action on things they put […]

    Tips for Parents Sharing Custody in the New Year

    As you start to ponder your New Year’s Resolutions, do not forget to create a few for parenting time and sharing custody with your ex. Domestic litigations are always stressful and they can often cause feelings of anger, resentment, and bitterness toward one another. As the New Year begins, take a moment to rethink your strategy and see if you […]

    Can I Request a Child Support Increase?

    When your child support orders were originally drafted, you and your ex-spouse were in specific financial situations. But, after a few years, you may have experienced more costs, less income, etc. In these situations, you may wonder what your options are for increasing child support, and if the courts will approve such a request. It is important to realize that […]

    How Much Spousal Support Will I Receive?

    Spousal support, also known as alimony, is permitted under NRS 125.040. Nevada law provides four types of spousal support that may be awarded in a divorce case, but it is important to understand that not all divorces result in spousal support awards. The Types of Spousal Support The four types of spousal support are meant to fill the gap between […]

    Things to Consider When Drafting a Custody Agreement

    A child custody agreement is the initial framework for divorcing parents that establishes how each is to act in their co-parenting role. This single document can determine a lot; therefore, it is critical that it is drafted correctly the first time. Conflicting statements, gaps, and even a neglect to follow Nevada laws can harm your ability to enforce the agreement. […]

    Custody Agreement Provisions

    A child custody agreement is critical for successful co-parenting post-divorce. These documents influence how you will act as a co-parent and what your obligations are under the court and to the child. Agreements will discuss how you and the co-parent will work out living arrangements, as well as the child’s daily life – right down to healthcare, schooling, and even […]

    Understanding the Residency Requirements for a Nevada Divorce

    There is a lot of incorrect information out there about establishing residency in the state of Nevada for a divorce proceeding. One of the more common questions attorneys receive is whether or not residency will be an issue. The courts do look for proof of Nevada residency when filing a divorce; therefore, it is important that you have your facts […]

    Is Spousal Support Permanent in Nevada?

    Spousal support – also referred to alimony – is often a key issue in Nevada divorces. While issues such as child custody and division of property may be more emotionally charged, spousal support is typically one of the issues where the parties (or the courts) have the most leeway in crafting an award. Nevada’s divorce laws provide for four different […]

    Types of Custody and Visitation in Las Vegas

    If you are going through a divorce or have a child with an unmarried partner, dealing with custody and visitation rights can be one of the most challenging and emotionally-draining aspects of your separation. When dealing with custody and visitation matters, it is important to remember that the Nevada courts always focus on one primary factor: protecting the best interests […]

    Tips For Helping Kids of Divorce

    By the time you make the decision to get divorced, your children have likely been aware of your marital conflict for quite some time. Kids have a special intuition when it comes to the emotional state of their parents. Tension and anger are difficult to hide, even if you try your best. Although the period of time leading up to […]