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    Common Injuries from Car Accident

    Automobile accidents are one of the top causes of personal injury in the United States, with Nevada averaging about 300 traffic fatalities a year in addition to numerous accidents that cause bodily and psychological damages. If you or someone you love has been the victim of an auto accident that wasn’t your fault, you may have a personal injury claim. […]

    How and When to File a Vehicle Accident Claim

    If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident in Nevada, it’s your responsibility to file a claim with your insurance company for any reimbursements, including medical and property. Filing an accident claim can be confusing and challenging, especially so soon after an accident. So how and when to file a vehicle accident claim? The team at De Castroverde is here […]

    9 Major Factors that Affect an Accident Claim in Nevada

    Being in a car accident can be scary, and the consequences can be costly. You shouldn’t have to pay for these expenses — from damage to your vehicle to physical injuries — if you’re involved in an accident that isn’t your fault. Luckily, Las Vegas and the surrounding areas have laws that help to protect you. If you’ve been injured […]

    What to do when you’re in a bus accident in Las Vegas

    Whether you’re a resident of Las Vegas or you’re visiting to hit the Strip, you may be relying on public transportation or ride-sharing services to get around. Whenever you’re on the road, you’re at risk for a bus accident, but your chances increase, depending on how busy it is and the time of day. While some assume the laws covering […]

    Who is at fault in Las Vegas Car Accidents?

    Each state has its own unique laws and insurance regulations regarding auto accidents, and Nevada is no exception. Laws and regulations affect how accident damages and injuries are paid and what amount each party is responsible for covering. People involved in a car accident in Las Vegas, especially those who are injured and have medical bills, need to know how […]

    Does insurance cover rideshare accidents in Nevada?

    Whether you’re the driver of a Lyft or Uber car, a rideshare passenger, or the motorist of another vehicle or motorcycle, if you’re involved in an accident involving a rideshare car, you need to know your rights in the state of Nevada. The ins and outs of insurance involving a rideshare vehicle can be complicated. How Is a Rideshare Service […]

    What is a DUI and DWI misdemeanor?

    DUI’s acronym stands for “driving under the influence.” DWI’s acronym stands for “driving while intoxicated” or “driving while impaired.” These offenses can have the same or different meaning depending on which state you were convicted in. Essentially, both charges mean the driver’s functionality was impaired due to alcohol or other drugs (including drugs prescribed by a physician and recreational drugs). […]

    What to Do After a Hit and Run

    Leaving an accident can often feel like the easiest solution to a potentially costly problem. This is why hit and runs are so common in the state of Nevada. While this solution may seem simple, it can actually be significantly more expensive and time consuming for all parties involved. What to Do If You’re the Victim of a Hit and […]

    One Dead in East Las Vegas Tour Bus Accident

    Unfortunately, accidents happen in Las Vegas all too often. While we can continue to encourage safe driving and promote initiatives that make our streets safer, vehicular accidents aren’t going away any time soon. A recent accident involving a tour bus clearly evidences this. While we can’t prevent accidents, we can prepare for them; and, we can take note of the […]

    Determining Fault in Nevada Car Accident Claims

    State law determines fault and avenues for compensation in car accident cases. Nevada, like many other states, operates under a modified comparative negligence rule. If you were partially at fault for an accident in Las Vegas or any other area of the state, your percentage of fault could diminish the amount of damages awarded in any personal injury claim. Understanding […]