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    What To Do if You Witness a Car Accident in Las Vegas

    Since Las Vegas is a bustling city and a tourist destination, car crashes are common in the area. It’s important to know what steps you should take if you witness a car crash. Keep reading to learn about what to do if you witness a car accident in the Las Vegas area. What To Do After Witnessing a Las Vegas […]

    Who’s At Fault in a Rear-End Accident?

    Understanding important facts about rear-end accidents, like who is at fault, can keep you safe on the road and help save you money when dealing with insurance claims. If you discover yourself at fault in a rear-end accident, the De Castroverde Law Group – Accident & Injury attorneys of Henderson, Nevada, will work hard to help you handle any resulting fees and […]

    What Are Non-Economic Damages in Personal Injury Cases?

    In personal injury cases, noneconomic damages don’t necessarily involve financial gain, and a jury generally awards them. They are less straightforward than economic damages, which may include out-of-pocket expenses. The De Castroverde Law Group – Accident & Injury attorneys of Henderson, Nevada, work hard to help clients recover both the economic and non-economic damages they deserve. What Are Compensatory Damages […]

    Car Accidents Increasing in Las Vegas

    Car accidents in Las Vegas are on the upswing, with 2021 likely being the deadliest for Nevada motorists in at least 14 years. Statewide, traffic deaths have increased to about 20% during the first 11 months of the year. Over half of those traffic deaths occur in Clark County, home of Las Vegas. It’s important to have accident safety in […]

    4 Tips for Filing Accident Claims

    The odds of getting into a car accident are against us. According to a widely reported survey from the company Esurance, more than 75 percent of U.S. drivers have been in at least one accident during their lifetimes. We hope it never happens to you, but if it should, there are important steps you need to take after a collision […]

    What to do after being in a car accident

    Car accidents can leave you shaken up, even if it’s just a minor fender bender. A serious accident can be life-altering and leave you in shock. When you’re involved in a car accident, you may not be able to think straight about what to do next. It can be a confusing time for everyone involved. Thinking about how to react […]

    How to Document a Car Accident

    Over several decades, as engineering methods have improved, driving has gotten statistically safer. But it’s still dangerous, given the number of cars on the road and the speed they sometimes travel. Even if we assume that every driver is paying full attention and abiding by all the laws, the chance of an accident is always there. We hope you never […]

    3 Biggest Factors in Las Vegas Hit and Runs

    In the United States, car accidents are one of the top causes of death and injury. Las Vegas is a very populated area in Nevada so it sees a majority of the traffic accidents for the state. There are thousands of car accidents each year in Nevada, many of which result in bodily injury or death. Car accidents also result […]

    What is pain and suffering in law?

    If you’ve been injured in an accident, you can pursue compensatory damages from the at-fault party. Compensatory damages include lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. To ensure that you receive the best compensation award possible, you will need to know how to factor in obscure damage like pain and suffering. What Is Pain and Suffering? Pain and suffering […]

    How does arbitration work for car accident claims?

    Car accidents may result in injuries ranging from minor to life-changing. Many of these include back and neck pain that may resolve itself in a matter of months. Sitting through a lengthy lawsuit to cover minor injuries or injuries that clear up can seem like a waste of time to the victims, often discouraging them from pursuing a personal injury […]