The Most Common Casino Injuries in Las Vegas

Casinos are an important part of the Las Vegas economy. Whether one works in a casino or visits one for entertainment, it can be a very positive experience. However, sometimes the experience is not so positive. Sometimes, both casino employees and casino patrons find themselves injured at casinos. If this happens to you, you will need the help of an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney. These are just a few of the ways people can be hurt in casinos.

Some of the Most Common Casino Injuries for Employees Employees have rights. When an employee is injured on the job at a casino, he or she may be entitled to receive financial compensation for his or her injuries. Some common causes of employee injuries in the casino setting include:

  • Employees, particularly those working security or acting as valets, may be struck by a car or other vehicle in a casino parking lot.
  • Employees can suffer from repetitive motion injuries. For clerical workers, this can include carpal tunnel syndrome or similar conditions. For employees such as card dealers, it may include injuries that occur by repeatedly bending or reaching in the same way, day after day, shift after shift.
  • Casino employees may be injured by casino customers. It may seem that this would be the customer’s fault rather than the casinos. However, if a casino has failed to provide adequate security then it may be held liable under certain circumstances. Similarly, if you are assaulted by a drunk customer, there may be additional liability issues for the casino, especially if the patron was served alcohol at the casino.
  • Defective casino equipment can cause injuries.
  • A slip or fall on the job may also entitle injured employees to compensation.

Some of the Most Common Casino Injuries for Patrons

Just like employees, patrons of casinos can find themselves injured. In some cases, the casino can be held financially and legally responsible for those injuries. Some of the most common types of injuries suffered by patrons of casinos include:

  • Slip and fall accidents may well be the most common type of accident leading to injury in Las Vegas casinos. These accidents can be caused by wet unmarked floors, ripped carpet, broken stairs or escalators, or even faulty handrails.
  • Casinos may be held responsible under certain circumstances if the casino failed to provide property security or safety measures, and as a result, you have been assaulted by either a casino employee or another casino patron.
  • Broken casino machinery can cause injuries.
  • Many local casinos include hotels with swimming pools. Dangerous swimming pool areas can cause injury if proper safety measures are not taken by the casino.

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