How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles offer an affordable, fuel-efficient, and fun mode of transportation. However, motorcycles can be a more dangerous form of transportation than cars and other motor vehicles because there is little to protect a motorcyclist in the event of an accident. Motorcycles lack seatbelts and crumple zones, and are small in size, making the consequences of an accident often very severe. The best way to reduce risk to motorcycle riders is to practice safe motorcycle riding at all times.

The best way to avoid being involved in a motorcycle accident is to take precautionary measures and safety steps to prevent motorcycle accidents from happening in the first place. Below are some helpful tips for motorcyclists and other drivers for preventing motorcycle accidents.

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

  • Get Educated. Take a motorcycle safety course or a basic rider course if you are new to motorcycling.
  • Use Safety Gear. Wear safety gear, clothing, and bright colors while riding, even if it isn’t required by law. All motorcycle riders in Nevada are required by law to wear helmets.
  • Be Prepared. Always be prepared to take evasive action. One of the leading causes of injury to motorcyclists is other drivers on the road.
  • Use Reasonable Speed. Always approach curves in the road and areas with poor visibility at a reasonable rate of speed. There could be loose gravel or other slick conditions on the roadway that could cause you to lose control of your bike. Once you know that conditions are safe, you can gain speed and enjoy your ride.
  • Use Extreme Caution When New to Motorcycling. When you lack experience in riding, exercise extreme caution until you get a feel for what you are doing and what your bike can handle.
  • Proper Maintenance. Conduct regular maintenance on your bike, or have it checked, to make sure it is in proper working condition, and no parts are at risk of failing.
  • Don’t Drink Alcohol. Don’t drink and ride your motorcycle. Nearly half of all motorcycle accidents resulting in death involve alcohol. Motorcycles require a certain level of concentration and attentiveness to drive safely, and alcohol impairment can seriously endanger your life and the lives of others.

Safety Tips for Other Drivers

    • Remain Attentive. Remain vigilant and attentive when driving, and specifically look for motorcyclists. Driving among other cars, trucks, and large motor vehicles has a tendency to desensitize drivers to the presence of motorcyclists.
    • Check Your Blind Spots. Motorcycles are small compared to other motorized vehicles and they can easily disappear into blind spots. Use all of your mirrors to check for nearby motorcyclists, and even glance over your shoulder if necessary to check that the lane is clear of motorcyclists.
    • Give Motorcyclists Space.

Don’t ever tailgate motorcyclists. Instead, try to provide them with enough room on the roadway to safely ride.

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