How Do I Maximize My Personal Injury Settlement?

If you have suffered injuries in an accident or through someone’s recklessness or negligence, you may decide to seek compensation through a personal injury settlement or civil lawsuit. You may ask yourself: “what steps can I take to maximize the value of my injury settlement?”

It’s a great question with a complicated answer. Many factors go into determining the outcome of a personal injury claim, whether negotiated via insurance companies or obtained through litigation. Every case is a little different.

However, some steps will position you for the maximum compensation for your injuries, from hiring the right attorney to keeping the appropriate records and being careful what you say to insurance representatives. Our De Castroverde Law Group legal team has some advice to help you maximize your settlement.

Is It Better To Settle or Go to Court?

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You don’t always have to file a lawsuit to get appropriately compensated for your injuries from an accident or other cases of negligence or recklessness. Insurance companies often will recognize when their client is in the wrong and be willing to work out an agreement outside of court. Be careful, though: Some insurers may attempt to talk you into a settlement in the days immediately following an accident before counsel represents you and while you are still recovering.

That’s why obtaining counsel from experienced personal injury attorneys, such as those with De Castroverde Law Group, is important as soon as possible after your accident. Our attorneys can speak for you in negotiations with the insurance company and make the best possible case for the amount you believe you deserve.

Some may wonder whether settling is the best approach or whether litigation might have better results? Every case is different, but this is another area where the experienced attorneys at De Castroverde Law Group can help. We will evaluate the facts and the evidence to help you value your case fairly and make a recommendation for the best approach.

Sometimes the only way to resolve a personal injury case is by filing a lawsuit. This usually happens when the disagreements between parties cannot be overcome. Keep in mind that even during the lawsuit phase, you and your attorneys can still decide together to settle.

What Information Will Help Maximize My Personal Injury Settlement?

Part of getting just compensation depends on the quality of information you can provide to the other parties’ attorneys or insurance companies. This requires more than just a copy of the police report. You will need to make a case explaining why you feel your case is valued where it is.

Presenting the proper documentation to an opposing party can be tricky and time-consuming. Our attorneys at De Castroverde Law will explain what documents you need to collect and how to get them in the right form to show the other party.

This documentation can include, among other items:

  • Photos of the scene.
  • Itemized bills for the car repairs.
  • Paycheck stubs to document the loss of wages.
  • Hospitalization and doctor bills.
  • Diagram of the accident.
  • Letters, forms, or emails from the insurance company.
  • Accident reports.

What To Pay Attention to After You Are Injured

Maximizing your personal injury settlement depends in part on what you do following your injuries. Of course, if your injuries are severe, your focus must be on getting the proper help from emergency responders and health care providers. But to the extent you are able, you can do a few things toward any litigation or settlement right after the incident.

You will want to develop and preserve evidence. For instance, if you are involved in a car accident, you may want to draw a diagram of the scene, including cross streets, and pinpoint the circumstances as you recall them. Write down details while they are fresh in your mind. Take pictures of the scene, including any signs of roadway defects or skid marks. Get contact information from witnesses, as their accounts may add independent corroboration and help you prove any claims of recklessness or negligence.

One of the most important steps you can take to maximize your settlement is to see your doctor as soon as possible after the incident or accident. During your exam, make sure you mention all symptoms, no matter how small they may feel to you initially. It’s important to have thorough documentation of your condition after the incident.

Communicating With Insurance Companies

Another way to maximize your personal injury settlement is to limit your communications with insurance companies. After an accident, it’s essential to report the incident to your insurer but say as little as possible. The same goes if the opposing insurance company contacts you.

One way to sidestep this tension is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney such as those at De Castroverde Law Group, serving Las Vegas, Reno, and other parts of Nevada. Having an attorney speak for you with the opposing insurer is essential. Insurance companies will try to settle cases quickly and may press you to decide when you are least able to.

Our attorneys at De Castroverde Law will handle negotiations with the insurance company to get a fair settlement as justified by the facts and evidence.

Hire the Right Attorney

Hiring the right attorney is the most critical step in maximizing your injury settlement. Our experienced team at De Castroverde Law Group will work with you to understand the facts of your case and explain the relevant law in making a recommendation for how best to proceed.

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