Can I Sue After a No-Contact Motorcycle Accident?

A vehicle does not have to strike your motorcycle physically to be liable for your accident. A Las Vegas no contact motorcycle accident occur when one vehicle causes another to crash, but without actually contacting that vehicle. Motorcycles are especially prone to these types of accidents, but proving the other vehicle is responsible when they did not contact your bike is much more complex. You must prove that the driver was acting negligently and that your own actions did not contribute to the accident or that you were not the one acting negligently on the road.


Negligence is when someone blatantly disregards the safety of others. This is based on the reasonable actions of others in similar situations. For example, a driver was talking on their phone and did not see you on your motorcycle. To avoid collision, you had to swerve, which caused an accident. Because the driver of the other vehicle was talking on their phone and not paying attention to the road, they were acting negligently.

The Driver’s Responsibility

All drivers are required to follow the rules of the road when operating a motor vehicle in Nevada. If they break the law, they are acting negligently. Drivers must also be on the lookout for objects on the road as well as motorcycles. If a driver fails to notice these things or respond to them appropriately when they are noticed, they are likely to be found negligent and therefore, they are responsible for your injuries or property damage.

Witnesses Are Key

In these types of accidents, a corroborating witness is important. It often comes down to your word against the other driver’s – and proving that the driver was negligent or caused your no contact accident can be difficult since there may be limited evidence. A witness, however, could help establish the other driver’s actions. For example, that driver that was talking on the cell phone, had passengers and her passengers also stated she was on the phone rather than paying attention to the road. This would help prove that she was negligent and caused your no contact motorcycle crash.

Identifying the Other Driver

Often in a Las Vegas no contact motorcycle accident, the other driver may not realize they caused an accident; therefore, they may not stop. Unless you get identifying information about that driver, you may not be able to hold them liable for your injuries. In these situations, it would be treated as a hit and run until the driver could be found – but that also means that your own insurance company will have to pick up the tab on the damages until the liable party is located.

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