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    What Are the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure?

    There are a lot of procedures that must be followed in a civil court. The Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure is the law that regulates civil practice and procedure in Nevada district courts. The law was put into effect in 1953 and was recently amended in 2019. The purpose of the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure (NRCP) is to ensure […]

    Nevada Marijuana Laws

    Nevada marijuana laws have been debated for several years, so you might be left wondering, “Is weed legal in Las Vegas?”. The short answer is yes; both recreational and medical marijuana is legal in Nevada. Nevada Marijuana Possession For recreational use in Nevada, adults 21 years and older can possess weed according to Nevada marijuana laws. The legal amount for […]

    What Does Acquitted Mean?

    Although an acquittal is generally used to mean that the defendant is not guilty, there is a difference between being acquitted and being not guilty. If you find yourself charged with a crime, you may be wondering, “What does being acquitted mean and how is it different than not guilty?” An acquittal is when the prosecutor can’t prove beyond a […]

    Nevada Car Seat Laws

    What Are Nevada’s Car Seat Laws? Nevada’s car seat laws are put in place to protect the lives of children and others in the vehicle. Children under 6 years old who weigh 60 pounds or less are required to be in a child restraint system while traveling in a vehicle. A child restraint device includes both car seats and booster […]

    COVID-19 Resources

    Coronavirus Information for Nevada Attorneys, Business Owners, and Residents As things continue to change and progress, we’ll be assembling links to relevant resources for attorneys, business owners, and residents of Nevada trying to navigate the evolving processes and guidelines relating to COVID-19. Please refer to the links below: Gov. Sisolak’s Emergency Regulations (March 20, 2020) Clark County COVID-19 Updates Centers […]

    What to Do After a Hit and Run

    Leaving an accident can often feel like the easiest solution to a potentially costly problem. This is why hit and runs are so common in the state of Nevada. While this solution may seem simple, it can actually be significantly more expensive and time consuming for all parties involved. What to Do If You’re the Victim of a Hit and […]

    ’90-Day Fiancé’ Star Faces Time Behind Bars for Domestic Violence

    A now-former Northwest Las Vegas couple, whose brief courtship and subsequent marriage were chronicled on the TLC reality show “90-Day Fiancé,” is embroiled in some very real drama. In January, prosecutors charged Larissa Dos Santos Lima with domestic violence for allegedly punching her estranged husband, Colt Johnson, in the face. According to the criminal complaint filed against her, Dos Santos […]

    Orlando De Castroverde Talks on Las Vegas Morning Blend

    Teacher Appreciation Award Following the announcement of the winners of the most recent Teacher Appreciation Award, Orlando De Castroverde appeared on Las Vegas Morning Blend alongside first place winner Melissa Gravatt to discuss the genesis of the award and learn a bit more about what inspired Ms. Gravatt to get into teaching in the first place. You can watch the […]