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    Attorney Alex De Castroverde Completes Prestigious Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program

    LAS VEGAS – Alex De Castroverde, managing partner of the De Castroverde Law Group, one of Las Vegas’ most well-respected law firms specializing in criminal, personal injury, family and immigration law, recently completed an intensive six-week course from the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program (SLELP2). De Castroverde was hand-selected by the Latino Business Action Network (LBAN) as one of the […]

    Voting in Nevada

    Election Day is only weeks away, and the nation is buzzing with excitement about who the next President of the United States will be – among other important laws posed on this year’s ballot. If this is your first time voting in an election or first time voting in Nevada, you may not know how to cast your vote for […]

    Las Vegas Crime Rates Compared

     Las Vegas didn’t get the moniker “Sin City” for nothing. As a national hub for gambling, nightlife, and alcohol consumption, the Las Vegas Strip is renowned for its vices. It’s not the activities of tourists putting the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on edge, however, it’s the out-of-control crime. While nobody who’s been to the Strip would exactly vouch for […]

    UNLV’s Project F.O.C.U.S. Program for Students With Disabilities

    Students who normally would not be able to attend college in Nevada can now take advantage of postsecondary college class options at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Thanks in large part to UNLV assistant professor Josh Baker, who started the initiative and raised funds to create the new University program, students with autism and intellectual disabilities can now […]

    iPhone 7 Release: Problems Arise With Cybersecurity

    The iPhone 7 release happened mere days ago, but there are already significant complaints about the new device. From widespread outcry about the device’s new wireless headphones and lack of an auxiliary jack to urgent iPhone 7 cybersecurity concerns, consumers wonder if Apple missed the mark on its latest device. Flaws in Apple’s Security Software Recently, the prominent human activist […]

    Discrimination in Jury Selection

    During the legal process, the defense attorney and the prosecutor have the opportunity to question a pool of potential jurors. The questioning process, called voir dire, detects any biases jurors may have before placing them on the jury. If either attorney believes a juror has biases that might affect impartiality, a challenge for cause is used to dismiss the juror. […]

    Creating An Impartial Jury

    If you’ve been to court or watched trial proceedings on television, you likely know the incredible importance of the jury. America’s founding fathers gave citizens the right to a trial by jury to prevent an oppressive government from having too much power. The jury plays a pivotal role in our nation’s justice system, helping decide the fate of those on […]

    The Most Common Crimes at UNLV

    Thinking about attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas? This campus presents a metropolitan oasis in one of Nevada’s southern desert valleys, but it may not be the safe haven parents like to envision for students. Like other colleges, UNLV has its share of petty crimes—scraped car doors with no notes left behind and students joyriding on campus lawnmowers. A […]

    Female Inmate Prison Conditions

    If you’ve seen Orange Is the New Black, you have a loose idea of female prison conditions (barring a few Hollywood liberties). The poor living conditions, mental anguish, and disproportionate repercussions for small infractions all seem to be quite in line with real life. Studies on female prison conditions show that women are more deeply affected than men by their time […]