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    Farmers Markets Around Vegas

    A variety of farmers’ markets near Las Vegas make finding delicious vegetables and fruits easy for locals and tourists. Las Vegas has a desert climate, but it’s near California, and it has plenty of farms with delicious food. Here are some of the best farmers’ markets in and around Las Vegas.

    Top 5 Staycation Ideas in Summerlin

    A staycation, also called a “holistay,” is a vacation you don’t need to travel for. It’s a great way to enjoy some time off while avoiding the cost of airfare and helping the environment by reducing emissions. Even when you stay near Summerlin, you can find plenty of fun activities to enjoy. Here are some of the top staycation ideas […]

    What to do after being in a car accident

    Car accidents can leave you shaken up, even if it’s just a minor fender bender. A serious accident can be life-altering and leave you in shock. When you’re involved in a car accident, you may not be able to think straight about what to do next. It can be a confusing time for everyone involved. Thinking about how to react […]

    Plan Your Las Vegas Coffee Date

    Las Vegas’s bustling lifestyle can make a strong cup of coffee an absolute must. The quintessential appeal of this rich, flavorful beverage makes coffee the perfect pick for a date as well. Check out these top coffee shops in the city for your next coffee date destination.

    Why is my personal injury claim taking so long?

    Life offers its share of surprises — sometimes, some very unpleasant ones resulting in moderate to severe personal injuries. Maybe you were in a car accident, slipped and fell on a wet floor, had an allergic reaction to a misprescribed drug, or got caught up in a fight. Whatever the circumstances, these situations can send your life in an unwanted […]

    Las Vegas’s Top Burger Places

    When it comes to burgers, Las Vegas has you covered. As with many of the great restaurants in this city, you’ll find your options are often over-the-top, featuring uniquely flavorful patties, creative toppings, and massive portions. From burgers sprinkled with gold dust to those piled high with Japanese-inspired ingredients, there’s a little of everything in this town. These top picks […]

    How to Document a Car Accident

    Over several decades, as engineering methods have improved, driving has gotten statistically safer. But it’s still dangerous, given the number of cars on the road and the speed they sometimes travel. Even if we assume that every driver is paying full attention and abiding by all the laws, the chance of an accident is always there. We hope you never […]

    6 Unique Walking Tours Around Las Vegas

    It may surprise you to find how many fascinating things there are to do in Las Vegas beyond the Strip. Here are some of the best walking tours that are likely to take you to some places in Vegas you’ve never seen before. Downtown Las Vegas – Fremont Street (Past to Present) Downtown Las Vegas – Fremont Street (Past to […]

    3 Biggest Factors in Las Vegas Hit and Runs

    In the United States, car accidents are one of the top causes of death and injury. Las Vegas is a very populated area in Nevada so it sees a majority of the traffic accidents for the state. There are thousands of car accidents each year in Nevada, many of which result in bodily injury or death. Car accidents also result […]

    Top Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

    While Las Vegas is known for its high-stakes gambling, high-end entertainment, and unbelievably delicious dining options, there is also a multitude of free attractions for every member of your family. If you haven’t explored any of these magnificent and free amusements, you definitely need to add a few of these to your schedule soon. The Aquarium at The Silverton Hotel […]