Explore These 6 Scenic Cycling Trails Around Henderson

Henderson, Nevada, is a vibrant suburb outside of Las Vegas with a wealth of cycling trails for bikers to enjoy. Whether you’re local to the area or visiting Henderson, you can cruise down multiple trails with different scenery. Here’s our list of scenic cycling trails you can find in and around Henderson.

Amargosa Trail

The Amargosa Trail is a mere 15Las Vegas Nature Trails-minute drive from the center of Henderson. If you’re interested in a longer trail, you can cycle the full 10 miles of the Amargosa Trail. Consider bringing a bike suitable for multiple surfaces, since this trail has asphalt, concrete, and dirt throughout. You may encounter other cyclists, as well as hikers and mountain bikers, on this trail. However, you don’t need to worry about the crowds, since the trail is wide, with room for several people.

Since this trail is near Henderson, be prepared to encounter street crossings as you cycle. You can choose from multiple points along the trail to start your ride. This would be an awesome trail to cycle along with your family since there are a few parks to stop at. The main attraction is Paseo Verde Park. Over 9 acres of land, this park features horseshoe pits, basketball courts, and baseball fields. Consider making this an all-day ride to make time for activities along the way.

Angel Park Trail

Located 25 miles outside of Henderson, Angel Park Trail is a one-way trail that stretches almost 3 miles. There’s one entrance to the trail, in Bruce Trent Park. You can find the trailhead by locating the trail’s dedication plaque. Once you start cycling down the trail, you’ll find asphalt, boardwalk, and concrete below the wheels of your bike. You’re likely to encounter other cyclists and people out for a walk or jog.

While riding along this trail, you’ll head south past a detention pond. Then, you’ll ride over a walking bridge and past a private golf course. This shorter trail can be a quick ride for experienced cyclists who want to see a bit more of the area.

Bonanza Trail or Spring Mountains Divide Trail

Similar to the Angel Park Trail, you’ll need to travel about 30 minutes outside of Henderson to reach the Bonanza Trail, also known as the Spring Mountains Divide Trail. With a length of 17 miles, you can expect a large gain in elevation as you cycle down this trail. The trail is rocky and uneven, so it’s best to have a sturdy bike and to wear your safety gear. With gorgeous views and clear mountain air, you may encounter others on the trail enjoying the natural beauty.

The Bonanza Trail is best suited for experienced cyclists and mountain bikers who know how to maneuver switchbacks on uneven terrain. If you’re looking for a challenging ride, consider heading to this trail. There’s another trail also called Bonanza Trail that’s better suited for road bikes and cruisers, so be sure to double-check the map before you head out for your ride.

Bonanza Trail

Much different from the previous trail, the second Bonanza Trail is a 5.3-mile trail decorated with signs to keep you well-informed. You’ll ride over asphalt, so a road bike or cruiser is a great choice. Be prepared to ride both on and off the street, as this trail weaves through town.

You can plan to make several stops along the Bonanza Trail, since it connects to many local businesses. This would be a trail suited for families with younger children who want to ride their bikes through familiar areas. You can find the start of the trail at Bill Briare Park. However, you can enter the trail at several spots along the way.

Lone Mountain Trail

If you choose to cycle down the Lone Mountain Trail, you can expect a 4-mile, out-and-back journey. This trail is very popular, so there will likely be several hikers and cyclists enjoying the trail as well. This trail does have a rise in elevation as the trail ends at the top of the peak. Once you reach the peak, you can relax on a bench and soak in the view.

To cycle up this trail safely, be prepared for rugged terrain. Since the trail is well-traveled, you may find it easy to navigate. You can park and enter the trail at the W. Wayne Bunker Family Park, just 26 miles outside of Henderson.

I-215 West Beltway Trail

If you travel 30 miles outside Henderson, you’ll find the I-215 West Beltway Trail. This trail stretches over 15 miles, following the Las Vegas Beltway and showcasing views of the mountains and the city. This trail is urban so you can ride your road bike over smooth asphalt. People of all ages and skill levels can enjoy this trail since it’s easy to traverse and has low elevation gain.

Since the trail covers a lot of ground, you may decide to travel down one of the dirt trails or bike trails that connect to the I-215 West Beltway Trail. Whatever path you choose, you can admire the cityscape of Las Vegas and the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area throughout your ride.

Cycling in Safety

As you prepare to take on the trails near Henderson, Nevada, it’s important to cycle safely. You can do a few things to ensure that you can cycle on each trail safely. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind.

  • Wear a helmet when you ride.
  • Check your bicycle, including the tires, handlebars, and brakes.
  • Keep your hands on the bike as you ride.
  • Use the proper type of bike when cycling on mountainous trails.
  • Learn and use hand signals.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings.

All the trails near Henderson, Nevada, provide unique views and cycling experiences. There are cycling trails for people of every skill level and trails suited for mountain biking and road cycling. You’re bound to find a trail that suits your interests and abilities in Henderson. Did we leave out your favorite trail in the area? Go ahead and contact us so we can add more cycling trails to our list.