Enjoy These 5 Mouthwatering Barbecue Joints in Oakland

Oakland is home to a variety of eateries serving up delicious barbecue dishes. Whether you’re looking for a classic barbecue dish or something of the plant-based variety, you’re sure to find a meal that satisfies your palate in this Bay Area city. Here are five mouthwatering barbecue joints you can explore in Oakland.

Horn Barbecue

Rack of Ribs at an Oakland BBQ joint

Horn Barbecue is a local eatery specializing in pulled pork and brisket. This Oakland establishment uses unique meat-smoking techniques hailing from Texas and the South. Consider taking your friends and family to Horn Barbecue and ordering brisket, spareribs, or pulled pork by the half pound. You can also take a bite out of barbecue classics like the juicy beef ribs or the half-smoked chicken. Horn Barbecue also serves up tasty links, such as the pork hot link and jalapeno and cheddar link.

If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, check out the Horn Barbecue brisket or pulled pork sandwich. Add one of Horn Barbecue’s many sides to your plate. Some of your options include collard greens, mac and cheese, cornbread, and granny’s potatoes. If you have a sweet tooth and want to end your meal on a sugary note, consider ordering the restaurant’s banana pudding or bread pudding.

Vegan Mob

Vegan Mob is a nutritious food stop offering plant-based dishes for barbecue lovers. This eatery supports a healthy lifestyle with vegan and vegetarian versions of soul food and barbecue recipes. Check out the eatery’s extensive menu, featuring both mob and fusion meals. Mob meals include a combo plate, which comprises your choice of three proteins and four sides, as well as spicy fried chicken and fully loaded mob nachos. Fusion meals include mob burger cheese rolls and the barbequito, which is a tomato or spinach tortilla with brisket, barbecue baked beans, macaroni, slaw, guacamole, and mob sauce.

You can also opt for a sandwich, such as the deep-fried grilled cheese or the bela burger. This burger consists of two seasoned Impossible Burger patties featuring slaw, melted cheese, sliced tomatoes, grilled onions, and mob sauce, all on a buttery vegan bun. Enjoy this burger with a side of barbecue-seasoned fries. When it comes to sides, Vegan Mob doesn’t disappoint. Choose from sides like candied yams, garlic rice, and potato salad. Wash down your meal with the agua fresca of the day or mob juice, which comprises spinach, celery, alkaline juice, sea moss, ginger, turmeric, apples, pineapples, and guava.

Everett and Jones Barbecue

Everett and Jones Barbecue is an Oakland eatery offering a variety of American classics to Bay Area locals. This restaurant serves both lunch and dinner for hungry eaters. On the lunch menu, you can opt for dishes like sliced beef brisket, smoked chicken, homemade links, or smoked pork ribs. For dinner, choose from delectable entrees like the pork rib dinner, beef brisket dinner, or a juicy slab of pork ribs. The Everett and Jones pork rib dinner features smoked and tender pork ribs, a classic and hearty barbecue favorite.

Other options include a green salad with smoked chicken and side orders like ranch beans, candy yams, macaroni salad, and a cornbread muffin. Polish off your meal with an item from the dessert menu. Your options include sweet potato pie, pecan pie, caramel cake, chocolate cake, and sock-it-to-me cake. From dinner to dessert, Everett and Jones Barbecue has everything you need for a true barbecue experience.

Gogi Time

Try some all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue at Gogi Time. This Oakland establishment serves up delectable entrees featuring high-quality meat like chicken, beef, and pork cooked in true Korean fashion on a tabletop grill. Gogi Time’s appetizers include fried beef or vegetable potstickers, a savory Korean pancake, and corn cheese. The corn cheese dish features sweet corn smothered with mozzarella cheese. You can also order from a selection of steaming soups and stews, tasty rice and noodles, a la carte dishes, and raw Korean barbecue. Some raw Korean barbecue dishes include spicy pork, barbecue chicken, beef bulgogi, pork belly, and brisket.

You can also choose from various sides and extras like jasmine rice, house-cut steak fries, the ssam set, or the banchan set. For your drink, consider quenching your thirst with an ice-cold beer or a refreshing soju cocktail. If you have room for dessert, indulge your sweet tooth with options like tiramisu, creme brulee, or cheesecake. No matter what you order at this restaurant, you’re in store for a unique Korean barbecue meal.

iLava Hawaiian Barbecue

iLava Hawaiian Barbecue brings a Hawaiian twist to traditional barbecue fare. With a focus on serving food that’s tasty and affordable, this eatery doesn’t disappoint. Start your meal with an appetizer like crispy shrimp, malasadas, crab Rangoon, or chicken wings. Enjoy steaming plates of food, such as the chicken combo, kālua pork and lau lau, aloha barbecue mix, and garlic shrimp and chicken. You can also enjoy other options like a teriyaki chicken rice bowl, a Hawaiian barbecue chicken burger with fries, kālua pork, and honey walnut prawns.

If you want something on the lighter side, opt for a salad with protein options like grilled shrimp or barbecue beef. You can also order a mini meal, which features a main protein, along with white rice, macaroni salad, and veggies. Some protein options you can choose from are Hawaiian barbecue chicken, teriyaki chicken, curry chicken katsu, and island white fish. Embrace the Hawaiian vibes by adding a tropical spin to your meal with a fruit smoothie. Some smoothie options include mango, guava, wild berry, or Hawaiian sunset. The Hawaiian sunset features passion fruit, strawberry, and banana.

Check out any of these barbecue eateries in Oakland today. Whether you’re in the mood for ribs, pulled pork, or smoked chicken, you’re bound to find the right stop in town. If we missed your favorite barbecue joint, drop us a line here at De Castroverde Personal Injury & Accident Lawyer. We’re happy to add your selection to our list of the best barbecue spots in Oakland.

Photo: Image by Alexandru-Bogdan Ghita is licensed with Unsplash License