Farmers Markets Around Vegas

A variety of farmers’ markets near Las Vegas make finding delicious vegetables and fruits easy for locals and tourists. Las Vegas has a desert climate, but it’s near California, and it has plenty of farms with delicious food. Here are some of the best farmers’ markets in and around Las Vegas.

Fresh52 Farmers & Artisan Market

Picture of Las Vegas farmers market beats and turnips
Image via Flickr by gmtbillings CC by 2.0

The Fresh52 Farmers & Artisan Market is in the Tivoli Village neighborhood of Las Vegas. It’s open on the first and third Saturday of every month from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and a location in the Arts District that’s open on the second and fourth Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can find fresh flowers, eggs, homemade cookies, and more. Products from many vendors are available. 5098 Bread offers delicious, homemade sourdough, rye, and wheat bread, and there are several vegan options. The Don Chengo comes with green and black olives, and the Cinnamon Loaf Crunch has cinnamon, apples, and nutmeg. With the Tipsy Fig, you’ll get wine-soaked figs in sourdough rye.

Desert Moon Mushrooms offers rare, gourmet mushrooms grown in small batches. Lion’s mane, pink oyster, black pearl king, chestnut, and shitake mushrooms are available. Linen & Roses offers fashionable clothing made in Italy. Other vendors include:

  • Baby Birds Design Co
  • Bella Gourmet Sauces
  • Bennet’s Granola
  • Best Banana Bread
  • The Best Hummus Ever
  • Dapper Doughnut
  • Everything’s All-Light
  • Herbs by Diane
  • Jungle Juice
  • Life on the Grow
  • Pahrump Honey
  • Penny Pop Popcorn
  • Susie’s Gluten-Free Cupcakes
  • Zen Dog Life

Las Vegas Farmers Market

There are six Las Vegas Farmers Markets in different locations throughout the city, and they’re all owned by the same company. The Bruce Trent Park Farmers Market offers farm-fresh produce from certified farmers, producers, and growers in the region. It happens every Wednesday from 2 to 8 p.m. the Henderson Pavilion Farmers Market is in Henderson, about 25 minutes away from the center of Las Vegas. It happens every Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. /The Water Street Market also happens in Henderson at the Water Street Events Plaza. It’s on Thursdays from 2 to 6 p.m.

The downtown Summerlin farmers market happens every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. It has deliciously prepared food, homemade cakes, pastries, and pies as well as beautiful custom-made fashion jewelry, attractive apparel, and a variety of leather goods. It also offers organic, sustainably grown produce from Nevada and California farms. You can find blood oranges, beets, salads, pasta, fresh flowers, plants for your garden, squash, avocados, strawberries, and more.

The Southern Highlands market is every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and the Skye Canyon Park market takes place every Thursday from 4 to 8 p.m. Pets are welcome at the outdoor locations, and most vendors accept credit or debit cards. However, you should bring some cash just in case.

The Las Vegas Farm

The Las Vegas Farm hosts a farmer’s market with locally harvested vegetables, fruit, and honey. You can also get eggs from free-range quails, chickens, ducks, peacocks, and turkeys. The Las Vegas Farm is a nonprofit that rescues abused farm animals. For a small fee, you can feed goats, cows, horses, a mule, a llama, and other animals. This place is open on weekends from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Garden Farms Virtual Farmers Market

Garden Farms of Nevada hosts the first virtual farmers market in Las Vegas. You can order products from the farm and many other farmers and craftspeople in the Las Vegas area, including:

  • Daria’s Soap
  • Elderberry Fairy
  • Herbs by Diane
  • Joie’s Raw Vegan Health Crunch
  • Mohave Mushrooms
  • Sundown Mushrooms
  • The Herbal Healing Shop
  • Uncle Keem’s Backyard

You can order almond butter, cashew butter, eggs, a variety of luxurious creams and lotions, gift baskets, bacon, bratwurst, breakfast sausage, and more. All vegetables and fruits are picked fresh after ordering, and delivery is available for most zip codes in Las Vegas. Garden Farms is a nonprofit organization that helps schools build gardens and teaches people of all ages to grow their organic food. They also encourage exercise and fitness.

The Gilcrease Orchard

The Gilcrease Orchard gets water from a natural artesian spring, letting it grow various fruits and vegetables, even in the desert. During many times of the year, people can visit this small, 60-acre farm and harvest their own produce. They also sell Christmas trees during the holidays.

Elda and Leonard Gilcrease started the farm in 1920, and it originally covered 900 acres. Today, the orchard is a nonprofit organization that lets kids and adults pick fresh fruits and vegetables and see where their food comes from. They can also get some exercise, experience the outdoors, and learn more about how farmers grow food and care for livestock. There’s a small fee for picking apples from the orchard when they’re ripe, but you can enjoy a relaxing walk through the trees for free.

Quail Hollow Farm

Quail Hollow Farm is about an hour north of Las Vegas, and it offers a variety of organic fruits, vegetables, and meats. You can buy a membership in the farm’s CSA or community-supported agriculture collective to get regular deliveries. What’s in each basket depends on the season. In fall, you can get pumpkins, squash, green beans, corn, red onions, potatoes, pomegranates, and more. In winter, you can get radishes, broccoli, cabbages, cauliflower, dill, a Thanksgiving turkey, or a Christmas goose.

During many times of the year, you can choose fresh flowers, honey, molasses, and herbal tea. In addition, there’s a greenhouse for oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and tomato plants. Baby chicks often stay there after hatching as well. The farm also has an orchard with apples, nectarines, pears, and peaches and a vineyard with several varieties of grapes.

Shopping from these farmers’ markets helps support local farmers and other business people, and it lets you buy healthy, delicious food. Which farmers’ market do you like most? Did we miss any of your favorites? Contact us and let us know what you think.