6 Local Organizations to Volunteer At in Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas may be known as the world’s gambling capital, but many other businesses and organizations throughout the city are in dire need of volunteers. With most of us leading hectic lifestyles, the idea of volunteering might seem like an impossible task to take on. However, volunteering is essential for many reasons and doesn’t take too much time.

Whether you’re mentoring children, saving animals, or helping the poor, volunteering is a rewarding way to help your community. While this position will not provide monetary rewards, personal fulfillment and knowing you’re is helping the community thrive is often payment enough.

In Las Vegas, many great nonprofit organizations are always looking to take on new volunteers. Some of the highest-rated organizations worth considering include:

Three Square

Three Square in Las Vegas
Image via Flickr by AFS-USA Intercultural Programs | CC by 2.0

Three Square is a food bank that serves as a central distribution and collection center for donated, rescued, and solicited food and grocery products. It provides dairy, bakery, produces, nonperishable products, and ready-to-eat meals to faith-based and nonprofit organizations that serve those in need.

Three Square facilitates senior and childhood nutrition programs. It’s also a place for community members to meet, collaborate, and serve as part of the food solution. While volunteering at the Square, some of your key responsibilities will be keeping the food pantry organized, clean, safe, and helping the needy access and choose food products for at-home meals. Most importantly, you’ll be monitoring food products’ “best before” dates, “use by” dates, and refrigeration temperatures.

Benefits of Volunteering at Three Square

  • Giving your energy and time is worth it because you’re making a difference in the lives of others by providing food to families in need. 
  • It helps you build your community and make it a better place.

The Center

The Center depends heavily on the skills of volunteers to offer the highest quality of services to the Las Vegas Community. The Center promotes a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where everybody is celebrated for who they are. When you volunteer at The Center, you’ll serve at the forefront of LGBTQIA activism.

The Center provides training for its volunteers. Once you receive your training, some of your responsibilities at The Center may include answering phone calls from people in crisis. You also may be asked to tutor those interested in career placement or who need education counseling. Others may need assistance transitioning to independent living. You may assist in event planning and fundraising as well.

Benefits of Volunteering at The Center

  • Learn more accurate information about the day-to-day reality of living within the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Play an active role in creating a more accepting world by offsetting discrimination and prejudice with caring, support, and understanding.

The Animal Foundation

When you become a volunteer at The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, you help save the lives of many homeless animals in need of a second chance in your community.

The lost dogs, cats, and other abandoned animals need as much help as they can get, including training, mental stimulation, socialization, exercise, medical care, food, and shelter. No special skills are required, just commitment, patience, and compassion.

Volunteers who get a chance to work at the Animal Foundation will have many duties, such as keeping the animals clean and free of contaminants, aiding in the rehabilitation of traumatized animals, and administering unique food formulas. You might also participate in efforts to help control the overpopulation of stray animals.

Benefits of Volunteering at The Animal Foundation

  • Playing with stray cats and dogs can help improve their adoption odds.
  • You can play a role in saving animals’ lives and helping them find loving permanent homes.
  • You create a unique bond with the animals, which helps build their emotional stability.

Las Vegas Rescue Mission

This nonprofit Christian organization provides services to families, men, and women, including spiritual guidance, addiction recovery services, emergency shelter, and daily meals. The Mission provides services to all people without regard to disability, religion, gender, age, national origin, creed, color, or race.

As a volunteer at the Las Vegas rescue mission, some of your key responsibilities will be answering phone calls in a professional and friendly manner and feeding and helping to clothe the homeless.

Benefits of Volunteering at Las Vegas Rescue Mission

  • Working with Las Vegas Rescue Mission to help others can help them deal with the pain that comes with their harrowing experiences.
  • The satisfaction of helping your neighbors and friends in need.

The Shade Tree Shelter

The Shade Tree provides around-the-clock accessible, safe shelter for abused and homeless women and children. These individuals have experienced some crises and need immediate accommodations. They’re a nonprofit organization without any national affiliation, so the generosity of your time as a volunteer is much appreciated.

At the Shade Tree Shelter Center, volunteers are trained to help abused women assimilate into a new life by assisting them in finding employment, securing permanent housing, and becoming productive members of the community. Other key responsibilities include serving meals to the homeless, sorting, and organizing donations.

Benefits of Volunteering at The Shade Tree Center

  • Increasing awareness against violence, crime, and other social wrongdoings through volunteering aids development and economic advantage.
  • It allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place.

Shannon West Homeless Youth Center

The Shannon West Homeless Youth Center provides services for at-risk youth, ages 16-24, homeless or on the verge of being homeless. The youth center offers various services, including but not limited to case management, substance abuse counseling, and life skills training.

At the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center, you’ll get to volunteer in various roles ranging from online job applications, cooking, cleaning dishes, and creating a welcoming environment for children.

Benefits of Volunteering at Shannon West Homeless Youth Center

  • Helping young people to gain confidence in themselves.
  • Teaching young people essential life skills.

There you have it. De Castroverde Law Group has provided you with a list of nonprofit organizations seeking volunteers in Las Vegas. Did you find our list helpful? Are you thinking of starting to volunteer? If you do, please let us know how it goes! If you’ve been injured while volunteering, contact us here at De Castroverde, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyer, to discuss your legal options with one of our friendly, legally trained advisors.