Tips for Parents Sharing Custody in the New Year

As you start to ponder your New Year’s Resolutions, do not forget to create a few for parenting time and sharing custody with your ex. Domestic litigations are always stressful and they can often cause feelings of anger, resentment, and bitterness toward one another. As the New Year begins, take a moment to rethink your strategy and see if you can create some positive resolutions that you and your ex can achieve for a fresh start.

Be Understanding of Scheduling Issues

Everyone’s schedule seems to become more chaotic with time. When you created a parenting time schedule, maybe years ago, you could not possibly have anticipated all schedule changes, school activities, or sports events. So, if one parent has a scheduling issue, understand how difficult it can be to maintain a fixed schedule, and try to accommodate them without conflict. This does not mean that you should allow that parent to frequently abuse their visitation or constantly make excuses, but it does mean you can show some flexibility when it is warranted.

Remember That It Is for the Kids

While you may feel resentment toward your spouse, remember that the custody arrangement is not for you – it is for your children. You need to put your child’s needs above your own and focus on them, not yourself or what your ex is doing. Even if you do not say it, children can see that you are upset. So doing your best to put the children first will help.

Send Your Child to the Other Parent’s House Prepared

Your child needs to be prepared for whatever situations may arise at the other parent’s house. When you send them, send them in clothes that are appropriate for the weather conditions. While the other parent is required to have clothing ready at their house, that does not mean the clothes you send your child in should be ragged or inappropriate. If your child has a jacket, make sure they take it with them – it can always come back with them.

Also, if your child has homework they must do during visitation, make sure they go with all of the materials, supplies, and books they need to get their homework done. If the other spouse is unfamiliar with the homework, let them know what needs to be done rather than springing it on them last minute.

Prepare in Advance for Times of Conflict

Conflict will happen no matter how long you and your ex have been apart. Take a moment to prepare for these events and plan for how you will react to them. Remember that if your spouse creates conflict, you need to walk away, hang up the phone, or find some other way to avoid it. Never create a conflict in front of the children either – this is not in their best interest.

Speak with a Family Law Attorney

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