Ximena Banks was born in Chile, South America. She relocated to Las Vegas, NV in 1979. In an effort to expand her horizons and to become a productive member of society who is instrumental within her new environment, she attended Community College of Southern Nevada, where she studied English as a Second Language.

Ximena worked in the hotel industry for several years, until eventually securing a position at the Las Vegas Detention Center where she excelled as a Records Technician. Her Spanish knowledge became extremely helpful, because at that time there were not as many Hispanics within this city. She was later recruited by the Flamingo Hilton Hotel where she was employed as a Human Resources Clerk, a position which she held for approximately two years. She subsequently proved her capacities in a supervisory position and was promoted to Human Resources Supervisor, becoming the first Hispanic woman within the Strip to ascend into such a prestigious position.

After several years in this position, Ximena’s priorities changed as she became a mother of a baby boy. With a heavy heart, Ximena decided to take a sabbatical in order to provide home care for her son. In 1999, she was offered a position with Waldo De Castroverde Law Offices on a part-time basis, which still allowed her to provide the nurturing and child-rearing to her young child. Her position eventually became full-time. Throughout her many years with this office, Ximena has learned much in her capacity as a Legal Assistant and she has been very instrumental in the development of the Immigration and Naturalization department of the De Castroverde Law Group, where she also assists in the Administrative department by developing different business strategies that have incubated new business models to secure the smooth running of the office. She has built a reputation for championing for the illegal immigrants’ rights to become productive legal residents and citizens of the country. Ximena embraces the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, and she consistently strives to improve the excellence of service in her office.