The state of Nevada does not take drug crimes lightly, and if you are facing criminal charges for possession, it is imperative that you do not hesitate to secure the counsel of a skilled Las Vegas drug possession lawyer. The exact severity of the punishment for conviction will vary depending on the details, such as the amount of the drug found in your possession and the exact drug.

It is a criminal action to possess illegal drugs and controlled substances such as cocaine, heroin, meth, marijuana and illegally procured prescription drugs. If you are found with a large quantity of drugs in your possession, you may even face charges of possession with the intent to sell.

Conviction of drug possession often carries harsh penalties, especially for those under the age of 21, and your personal freedoms could be severely limited. If you are charged with possession, your relationships, career, and reputation are in serious jeopardy; do not hesitate to call De Castroverde Law Group to retain effective representation.

Fight Possession Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada

In the time immediately following a drug possession charge, you should not hesitate to secure the assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas. We will examine the circumstances of your arrest to determine whether your charges resulted from an illegal search and seizure, and if your Constitutional rights were violated in any way, we will move to have the evidence thrown out and your charges dismissed. Our firm understands the embarrassment and fear caused by a possession arrest, but you can depend upon our season guidance and aggressive advocacy to give your case the effective representation needed to challenge these charges.

As a family-run law firm, our team at De Castroverde Law Group works tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive personalized, exceptional legal services, and we are committed to upholding their rights throughout the proceedings. When your future is on the line, you must be confident that your Las Vegas drug possession lawyer has the knowledge and seasoned skill to fight the allegations and protect your future. Contact our team today at 702-383-0606!