In Nevada, drug crime is taken very seriously by law enforcement, as a “zero tolerance” policy has led to the development of severe punishment for all offenders, which is why speaking with a Las Vegas drug crimes lawyer if you face drug charges. The types of drug offenses that are punishable under Nevada law include:

Drug Possession Charges in Nevada

The legal definition of drug possession states that when a person “knowingly or intentionally possesses a controlled substance, unless the substance was obtained directly from, or pursuant to, a lawful prescription,” they may face legal consequences.

Being in possession of a drug does not necessarily mean being in direct contact with it at the time of its discovery, either. It can also include instances of drugs being discovered on personal property, like in a home or a vehicle. Many times, an individual will be faced with felony charges in lieu of a drug possession arrest, and can face the consequence of landing in jail and paying costly fines. Even possessing prescription drugs can lead to an arrest if that person was not actually prescribed that specific drug.

Other illegal narcotics include:

Legal penalties may vary depending on the type of drug, the amount, where the drug falls on the Nevada Drug Schedule, and whether or not there was intent to sell and/or distribute the drug. No matter what types of charges you face, it is important to call a Las Vegas drug crimes lawyer right away to make sure your rights are protected.

Charged with a drug crime in Las Vegas, Nevada?

We have defended countless clients against drug-related charges, and our effective team evaluates a number of possible defense strategies that may work in your case. If your arrest resulted from the discovery of drugs or drug paraphernalia during an illegal search and seizure, we will challenge the court to throw out the unlawfully gained evidence and move to have your charges dropped.

With decades of experience, a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer can provide your case with powerful legal advocacy and aggressive representation. The charges you face are serious, but with the support and seasoned counsel of De Castroverde Law Group you can challenge the prosecution and fight for your right for freedom. Call us at (702) 383-0606!